Just A Bunch Of Football Stats In Which MAC Schools Rank Nationally

Feeling down about your team so far? Not to worry; with three games in the rear-view mirror, statistical leaders are starting to emerge, and if you love small sample sizes, you'll love … national leaders! As a MAC nrrd, you were going to look up this information anyway.

All this information has been culled from the NCAA.com's underexposed and underformatted stats section. All 13 teams' inclusion in any top-ten rankings are shown below. Behold. Bask. Enjoy.


5th passing offense (332)

T-6th fewest first downs allowed (13/game)
10th time of possession/game (33:27)

QB Alex Carder
1st completions/game (31.33)
8th yards/game (307)
7th total yards/game (320.67)
T-7th interceptions/game (18)

WR Jordan White
5th receptions/game (9)
T-4th receiving yards/game (127.33)

WR Juan Nunez
7th receptions/game (8.33)


T-1st, fumbles lost (0)
5th rushing defense (55.33 yards/gm)
T-5th fumbles recovered (5)
T-6th turnover margin (+5)
T-8th turnovers gained (10)
T-9th defensive interceptions (5)

LB Ryan Kennedy
T-9th tackles for loss/game (2)


T-5th defense interceptions (7)

WR Kamar Jorden
1st receptions/game (11.33)
7th receiving yards/game (114.33)

LB Dwayne Woods
T-7th passes defended/game (1.67)

DB Robert Lorenzi
T-7th passes defended/game (1.67)


T-2nd defensive interceptions (8)
4th rushing defense (54.67 yards/gm)
T-4th turnovers gained (11)
T-6th turnover margin (+5)

LB Dan Molls
T-2nd interceptions (3)


7th rushing defense (61.33 yards/gm)
8th kickoff coverage (16.62 yards/return)

DB Norman Wolfe
T-2nd interceptions (3)

DE Roosevelt Nix
T-1st forced fumbles (3)

DL Quinton Rainey
1st fumbles recovered (3)


3rd red zone defense (44%; 9 drives / 2 TDs, 2 FG)
T-4th scoring defense (9 points/game)
T-5th fumbles recovered (5)
8th total defense (250.67 yards/game)


10th net punting (42.27 yards/punt)

S Sean Baker
T-2nd interceptions (3)

P Scott Kovanda
9th yards/punt: (46.73)

RB/KR Eric Williams
7th kickoff return: (36.14 yards/return)


T-9th fewest penalties/game (3.67)

WR Marcus Rivers
10th receptions/game (7.67)


T-1, fewest interceptions thrown (0)

K Brandon McManus
Field goals/game (2.33)


T-1st fewest penalties/game (2.33)
6th net punting (43.77 yards/punt)
T-10th kickoff coverage (17 yards/kickoff)


10th pass defense (130.33 yards/game)

S Donovan Fletcher
T-2nd interceptions (3)


T-4th, turnovers lost (2)


(Sadly, NIU doesn't even have any worthwhile rankings in the top TWENTY. But they are 21st in the nation in total rushing offense [227.67], which is best in the conference.)

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