MAC Power Rankings, Week 4: Zero Hour, Nine A.M.

For this week's power rankings, I'm going to shift the focus ever so gently: let's forget about Week 1. It seems to me that every football team plays uncharacteristic of what they are capable of in Week 1, especially since their opponent is also a little unprepared. High emphasis will be on the last three weeks, because what's really important in a short season is momentum.

The nonconference games are neat — not to mention the way Big Ten upsets can show everybody in the country their capabilities — but these are fleeting moments. All we care about, once the AP photographers shuffle off to larger venues and Top 25 teams' fans stop griping about cupcake scheduling, is conference play. The first full week of that starts Saturday.

  Team Last
Riffraff Next


Toledo_medium 5 @Purdue
W 31-20
Winning in West Lafayette is great, but three straight road wins is really the masterpiece. The big bugaboo, however, has been penalties: in their three-game road win streak, they've accrued 28 flags. Saturday


Temple_medium 1 @Penn
L 13-22
It's tough to win at a Big Ten Stadium when your best offensive player improperly bends an appendage. Visors off to the defense, though: in the last three games they haven't given up more than 7 points in a quarter. Saturday


Northern_illinois_medium 4 @Minnesota
W 34-23
I couldn't agree more with Mike Breese about the MInnesota game: tthis was the team we thought we'd see all season long. That rushing attack is DDT-grade lethal. Now just work on the third quarter: in four games they have three points in the third frame. Saturday


Central_michigan_medium 2 @Northwestern
L 25-30
No win over an AQ conference team? Then down the rankings you go (slightly). If you want to get back into the top three, just latch a tow bar to your linebackers and have them pull you. Saturday
Ball State


Ohio_medium 6 @Marshall
L 27-28
Yep. That's right. A 1-3 team is No. 5 in the rankings. And they haven't solved their quarterback situation yet. Are they ever going to put in Mickey Tettleton's son, or is this a dream that will die in my head? Saturday


Kent_st_medium 3 BYE 1-2
First in the nation in rushing defense. 117th in rushing offense. Basically when the Golden Flash is on the stadium, ain't nobody going anywhere on the ground. Perhaps they replace the turf with three feet of sand. Saturday


Western_michigan_medium 7 BYE 1-2
Watch out for when WMU plays BG in the season finale. You might see the highest ratio of passing yards to points in NCAA history. Saturday


Miami_oh_medium 8 @Missouri
L 13-51
Outscoring the other guys 59-31 in wins (against winless teams), and gettin' shelled 25-85 against undefeated, ranked opponents. IMPOSSIBLE TO GAUGE TEAM. Saturday
Kent State


Buffalo_medium 10 @UConn
L 21-45
The following is a list of FBS teams that don't have a rushing touchdown yet this season: Buffalo. Saturday


Bowling_green_medium 9 @Michigan
L 21-65
Reheating a joke from Twitter, but that's okay: you know how when you go through airport security, and the guy there stops you, feels you up for any weapons, then sends you on your way? That's basically what the Falcons defense is doing this year. Saturday


Akron_medium 13 @Indiana
L 20-35
Whooo! They're out of the MAC cellar! A pulse was found, after several attempts to locate one, against Indiana. Now let's work in keeping the other guys below 30 points. Saturday


Eastern_michigan_medium 11 @Ohio State
L 20-73
EMU gave up 73 points in one game. Temple has given up 72 points all season. Hopefully the dearth of Big Ten powerhouses left on their schedule will get that scoring defense down from 119th. Saturday


Ball_st_medium 12 @Iowa
L 0-45
Here's what they have going for them: So far, no conference losses! Saturday
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