A Modest Proposal for the MAC / SunBelt

Well the Big East just gutted any potential alliance between the Mountain West and Conference USA by snatching away five of the premier schools occupying the pool. Speaking of the pool who is left?

Conference Average With Losses
8 CONFERENCE USA 66.51 63.27
9 MOUNTAIN WEST 66.37 58.26
10 WESTERN ATHLETIC 63.95 63.95
11 MID-AMERICAN 63.04 63.04
13 SUN BELT 58.64 58.64


The Mountain west is now the awkward kids who you know is going to relieve himself, and Conference USA is now within the Margin of error and the WAC, who was gutted last season, is oddly king of the pack (until they add more IAA schools).

The idea of some alliance helping get an AQ spot was foolish on its face but it did get me to thinking. Is there a way for the Mid-Majors to boost their status, even just a little, without changing the world.

Instead of some huge alliance with far flung aspirations that a few cute girls will get all the uggo's into the AQ party why not focus on helping the few teams who might actually benefit in a given year.

What if the MAC and the Sun Belt decided to each reserve the last week of the season for cross over games aimed at boosting resumes on top and giving some winnable games at the bottom? Take the coaches preseason polls for each conference and schedule. (no the #1 and #2 is not a typo, if you have each conference with teams ranked in the top 25 why eat each other)

SBC #2 at MAC #1

MAC #2 at SBC #1

MAC #3 at SBC #3

SBC #4 at MAC #4


The obvious problem is that there is a disparate number of teams between the conferences. I suspect the Sun Belt will be climbing to 12 but even then that leaves two MAC teams with nothing to do that week. Maybe you make arrangements with an independent, or let the two worst MAC teams try to pick up a second FCS game.

This is just something spinning around in my head.. Thoughts?

This post was submitted by one of our esteemed readers and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or thoughts of Hustle Belt or SB Nation.

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