Broncos Keep the MAC Unbeaten Streak going.

Western pretty much led for most of the game (minus a few minutes early on where this Murphy kid dominated, more on him later) and now move on to the 2nd round (maybe the quarters) of the CIT after a 74-66 win.


First, this game was PLAGUED by fouls, some good, some bad.  It seemed like touching the opposing player was forbidden, but any means.  I don't have a problem with bad, PHYSICAL fouls, but tonight was what I call "female dog" ball.  The abundance of free throws didn't equate to more points, as both teams SUCKED at the line tonight.

Now, on to Tennessee Tech.  They probably could be a good team in the future, just with some changes.  First, their coach is OLD AS DIRT.  With their assistant mostly doing the work, maybe making a coaching change to some youth would help.  Next, they have a GREAT player in Kevin Murphy (who looks strangely like Lil' Wayne).  This kid can shoot with a hand in his face, and beat you off the dribble and make insane lay-ups.  Plays a little TOO aggressive, but probably the result of NO help on offense/defense.  If Tenn Tech built around him, they could be a decent team.

Now onto the Broncos.  They came out STRONG and after a little bit of troubles figuring out how to shut down Murphy, they really spread out Tech and played an inside-out game, going inside to Stainbrook often and outside to hit 3's also.  Alex Wolf came back from a bad senior night performance to hit a nice 3 early and the last 2 free throws to beat the spread (thank you ESPN Sec 140).

ONE NOTE:  neither Matt Stainbrook nor Mike Douglas started tonight (but were first to sub in), most likely due to attitude issues at the end of the Akron game.

The Broncos had a slight difficulty with the Tech press (as they sometimes do with any press), but did end up going blow-for-blow with Tech, never allowing the Golden Eagles to get closer than 5 points the entire 2nd half.  All-in-all, the only thing that impressed me tonight was the Western crowd.  Usually carried by the actual paying audience, tonight had some of the hockey intensity in the students to help liven up the game.

Up next for the Broncos?  We shall see.  Bronco fans will have the hockey team in action both days of the 2nd round, so attendance will be severely hurt if there is a home game.

This post was submitted by one of our esteemed readers and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or thoughts of Hustle Belt or SB Nation.

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