Alex Trautwig

MAC Football Week 9 Gameday

Jordan Lynch's seventh straight game of 100 passing yards and 100 rushing yards dispatched Western Michigan. Ball State became bowl eligible. Meanwhile, Miami (OH) and Kent State are looking to knock off unbeaten Ohio and Rutgers, respectively.

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Ohio tripped up in the Battle of the Bricks

That's about all I can use to explain it. They cheated death for a few weeks and treaded enough water, but Ohio's undefeated season ended in the red zone. Miami took the lead on Kaleb Patterson's 31-yard field goal, his third of the game.

On the final drive, Tyler Tettleton was looking for a touchdown but with 10 seconds left on the clock and no timeouts, he was sacked by Luke Kelly and time harmlessly expired. He needed to throw that away to set up an easy field goal.

That was Miami's first win over Ohio since 2005 ... something that I'm sure many Bobcats fans are aware of. But all good things come to an end.

I'm guessing that the Bobcats will fall out of the top 25, but suddenly the MAC East picture becomes a little clearer: Kent State is undefeated in the MAC East with one-loss teams consisting of OHIO, Miami and Bowling Green. This division race is only going to be wackier down the stretch. So while OHIO may be downtrodden now that the undefeated season is dashed, a MAC Championship is still in their sights and they haven't done that since 1968.


Kent State upsets Rutgers 35-23

With the defense leading the way with seven turnovers, Kent State earns its biggest win in program history by topping previously-unbeaten Rutgers.


BG routs EMU 24-3 in defensive fashion (again)

Offensively, 24 points ain't great. But it's what Mr. Adler was hoping for in terms of a defensive performance for Eastern Michigan.

The scoring was a little scattered: BGSU had a halfback pass from Jordan Hopgood to Shaun Joplin and Chris Jones rumbled a fumble into the end zone. Andre Givens also ran a touchdown in from 27 yards out.

A scary moment: Givens was led off the field in an ambulance but reports indicate he never lost consciousness and has movement in all his extremities.

After an offensive explosion out of nowhere, EMU was held under 200 offensive yards, but three turnovers and 3-for-12 on third down will do that to you. Quietly BGSU has allowed just 33 points in their last five games and the last touchdown scored on them was 10 quarters ago (Miami). But in 11 days they travel to Athens to face the Ohio Bobcats.

Eastern Michigan gets the same Ohio team next Thursday in weeknight cation.


Kent State up 35-17 vs. Rutgers

A Spencer Keith passing touchdown to Josh Boyle has extended the Golden Flashes lead to 35-17 over Rutgers early in the fourth quarter, now the Scarlet Knights are in emergency mode trying to save their undefeated season. Turnovers have destroy them thus far, as their quarterback has thrown five interceptions and a wide receiver inexplicably fumbled the ball away, totaling six giveaways.


David Fluellan scores 2 TDs, Rockets lead after 3.

After being silent for the first 30 minutes of the game, Toledo's offense finally remembered who they were in the 3rd quarter with two touchdown drives to take a 25-14 lead after the 3rd.

On the opening possession, Toledo showed that they weren't going to give up on the pass game in the weather, and Terrance Owens hit Cordale Scott and Bernard Reedy on back-to-back 21 yard passes to get into the red zone for the first time of the day, and David Fluellen took it the rest of the way, capping off the play with an 8 yard rush for a score. The Jeremiah Detmer point after was blocked, and the Bulls almost took it the other way for 2 before being tackled around the 35 yard line.

On their next possession, it was all Fluellen. Rushes of 17, 49, 19, and finally punching it in from one yard out for the score in front of his hometown. Detmer's point after kick was blocked again, and nearly returned again, but Toledo takes their first lead of the game.

Not content with a 5 point lead, the Rockets moved on their next possession as well, with Owens hitting Alonzo Russel on a 40 yard pass, and Fluellan bringing it into the red zone. On second and goal, Owens hit frosh receiver Alex Zmolik for a 7 yard touchdown pass, and while Detmer finally got the ball above the line, the wind sent it wide.

Buffalo finally got the offense going at the end of the quarter, we'll see if they can capitalize in the 4th.


NIU Steamrolls WMU 48-34

48-34. That was the final score, but the game didn't seem that close in the 2nd half. NIU absolutely dominated the play, and coasted in the 4th quarter.

Jordan Lynch had another oustanding game. 18/28 for 274 yds and 4 TDs with 21 carries for 136 yds and 2 TDs. 6 total TDs. That is just incredible. Martel Moore had 7 catches for 120 yds, and Da'Ron Brown had 4 catches for 31 yds including 2 TDs as well.

Tommylee Lewis had a good game as well. Despite dropping a would be TD early, he finished with some good returns (4/75 yds on punts and 2/52 on KOs), 4 catches, 44 yds, and 2 TDs. His returns really kept WMU playing defense deep in their zone a lot.

Tyler Van Tubbergen had a decent game as well. Despite throwing another INT, it wasn't too much his fault. Josh Schaffer bobbled a catch and Jamaal Bass returned it 44 yds to the WMU 20 (and a Lynch TD the next play). TVT finished with 32/51 for 333 yds and 3 TDs. He also ran 9 times for 39 yds and a TD as well. Progress.

Eric Monette and Dareyon Chance had good games as well. Monette finished with 8 catches for 142 yds and 2 TDs, his 2nd and 3rd career touchdowns. Chance just missed the 100 yd mark with 97 yds on 23 rushes and a TD.

And now for the emotions. I cooled down, but it still must be said.........

Bill Cubit's job rests on the next game. AT CENTRAL MICHIGAN. If he wins, he gets to see next year and can work on saving his job (next year is a contract year). If he loses, I cannot defend him anymore. This season was supposed to be magical. Easier non-conference schedule, NIU and Toledo at home, down years for CMU and EMU. I made a list of 5 goals for the season:

  1. Go 3-1 or 4-0 non-conference (X)
  2. Win the MAC West (X)
  3. Win the MAC (X)
  4. Win a bowl game (X) [if you really think WMU makes a bowl, think again]
  5. Beat CMU & EMU ( )
The last goal still is to be seen. Any two, and Cubit is fine. 3 or more, he is set and off a hot seat. 1, and he has a red-hot seat for next season. 0? Canned. That's all I have to say for now. Pray WMU beats Central or else some VERY strong words will come. For now, my anger builds more and more in hopes that WMU gets over the Mt. Pleasant hump.

Bulls Lead Rockets at Half, 14-7

The rain continues to stymie both offenses, but give a team only 42 yards to paydirt, and they'll make it in a typhoon, as the Bulls used a touchdown pass to take a 14-7 lead over the Rockets at the half.

Midway through the 2nd Quarter, a high punt by Vince Penza was further abused by the wind, giving Buffalo the ball on Toledo's 42 yard line. Buffalo capitalized in one play, when Alex Zordich found Devin Campbell wide open, and he galloped into the end zone for the score. The Bulls managed 192 yards of offense in the first half.

Meanwhile, the normally potent Toledo offense can't do a thing: Terrance Owens is 5/15 with two picks (in his defense, two of those incomplete passes were delivered right into the chest of Bernard Reedy), David Fluellan's homecoming has only produced 50 yards on 12 carries. Against Cincinnati's defense, it's understandable, but even in this weather, it's mystifying.


Dri Archer: new uniform number, same result.

I've never seen this before, but on a vicious gang-tackle Dri Archer's trademark No. 1 jersey became completely torn down the front. He was fitted on the sidelines with a very unfamiliar No. 26 get-up, but the result was the same: he ran in for a touchdown and Kent State is just thumping Rutgers 21-3 right now. The drive was set up by Kent State's third interception of the game.


Toledo and Buffalo Score on Turnovers, Tied at 7

The hurricane may not hit New York State until Monday, but there's already a bunch of the wet stuff falling over Amherst, and it's messing with everything involved with the Toledo Rockets and Buffalo Bulls (including the television broadcast). Offenses on both sides have sputtered thanks to the rain, and that includes both teams giving up turnovers for points as the teams are tied at 7 after 1.

But the difference so far has been a big mistake by Toledo's Terrance Owens, who missed a pass to Alonzo Russel that instead landed in the arms of Cortney Lester, which he easily ran in for a score. It's only the 3rd pick of the year for the Bulls, but it couldn't have come at a better time.

Later in the quarter, with the Bulls starting a drive on their own 20, Devin Campbell had the ball knocked out of his hands by Hank Keighley, and Dan Molls picked up the fumble with nothing but daylight ahead of him.

Buffalo has been content to keep the ball on the ground in the cruddy weather, 13 rushes to 7 passes, while the Rockets are literally throwing caution to the wind, 7 rushes to 8 passes.


Mark Fackler pick-six increases Kent State's lead

In football, f=ma. But momentum can change at at moment's notice. After Kent State's field goal attempt was blocked by Rutgers — almost a certain three points since Freddy Cortez hasn't missed in a while — Kent State linebacker Mark Fackler stole a pass out of the air and returned it for a touchdown, increasing Kent State's lead to 13-3.


Kent State takes 7-3 lead at Rutgers

They tried to keep it away from Dri Archer. They really did. But you can only do that on the kickoff. Rutgers pooched it away from Archer on the kickoff, but they got him the ball on a little pitch play as well as a corner route. Trayion Durham added some hards on the ground and Zack Hitchens caught a one-yard touchdown from Spencer Keith to take an early 7-3 lead at Rutgers.

Hold onto your gourds, people.


Ball State becomes bowl eligible

And the Cardinals match their win total from last year after this nice road victory. The Cardinals took a safety at the end to run out the clock, no big deal.

Jahwan Edwards ran the ball 30 times for 148 yards and a touchdown. Keith Wenning passed for only 189 yards but touchdowns each to Jamill Smith and KeVonn Mabon (a play I am told was a very nice one-footed catch).

The defense wasn't really able to neutralize the Army rushing attack (as they got 5.5 yards per rush) but scoring 30 points forced that triple-option offense to play catch-up.

Army finishes the MAC portion of their season winless in four attempts. Hey, play UMass, why don'tcha!


Lynch and Co. Dominating Broncos

Jordan Lynch has his 3rd straight game of 2 passing and 2 rushing TDs as he has NIU driving for a larger lead after 3 quarters.

TVT threw an INT, which was really bobbled by Josh Schaffer and then caught (and returned for 44 yds) by Jamaal Bass. Lynch punched it in from 20 yds out after scoring from 2 yds out the previous drive to make it 31-21.

NIU has dominated the 3rd, as WMU hasn't really moved the ball except on that INT drive.

Huskie might is showing as we enter the 4th.


Ball State keeps 7-point lead vs. Army after three

Normally BSU is a balanced team whose pass-run plays are split 50-50. But the Cardinals are finding success on the ground and running it over 60 percent of the time. But all both teams could muster in the third quarter were field goals. Steven Schott scored from 29 yards out, responding to Army's Daniel Grochowski hitting from 45 yards.

Jahwan Edwards has ran it 25 times for 147 yards; does he have 10 more carries in him? If they get the ball late, expect them to try and burn the clock down. This one may not be as high scoring as I anticipated.


WMU taking care of the ball in the first half

A bit of a surprise? NIU is getting their yards and points but Western Michigan is matching them drive for drive, and then some.

Tyler Van Tubbergen has thrown two touchdowns so far to Eric Monette (and no interceptions!) and the diminutive Dareyon Chance sprinted in for another six points near the end of the half. NIU closed out the action with Mathew Sims connecting on a 54-yard field goal, tying a school record.

The Jordan Lynch numbers: 9-for-15, 95 yards and 13 carries for 75 yards. Tommylee Lewis has three catches for 40 yards, about 1½ drops and a nice 36-yard kickoff return. In fact WMU's kicker (Andrew Haldeman) and punter (J Schroeder) each have touchdown-saving tackles.


WMU Leads NIU 21-17 At The Half

Western Michigan has used some trickeration, and a lot of defense, to take a 21-17 lead at the half over NIU, a team many think is the best in the MAC.

WMU took a 14-7 lead after the 1st quarter thanks to the rarely seen Polecat formation. Eric Monette has his 2nd and 3rd career TD catches, and Dareyon chance has a 8 yd TD rush to help pace the Bronco offense. TVT went 11-12 in the 1st quarter, but will enter the half with a 15-25 mark with 141 yds and 2 TDs. The Broncos also have 109 rushing yards, led by Chance's 74 yds on 16 carries.

NIU answered first though, with a great catch by TommyLee Lewis on a 31 yd TD. Lynch is dominating with 78 yds and 13 carries. He is also throwing with the same accuracy as TVT: 9-15 for 94 yds and 2 TDs. Lewis himself is having an up and down game. With that TD, he also has had a pair of good returns, but dropped a WIDE open TD.

WMU will receive the ball to start the 2nd half, so we'll see what happens down the stretch, where the Broncos have struggled all season long


Ball State takes 17-10 halftime lead vs. Army

They began with a bang, going up 14-0 before 10 minutes had elapsed. Keith Wenning found Jamill Smith on a 6-yard strike, with Jahwan Edwards padding the lead with his ninth touchdown on the season. Army struck back on the next possesssion and the two teams swapped field goals in the second half.

An apparent touchdown in the second half was wiped away when Kenneth Lee recovered a fumble and ran 70 yards for a score, but the replay showed his knee was down.

Wenning is 10-for-16 for 115 yards, a TD, interception and was sacked once. Edwards has 91 yards on the ground and Willie Snead leads the receivers with five catches for 70 yards. On the other side Nick Miles leads BSU with eight tackles, seven solo and Travis Freeman was the one who forced the fumble.


MAC Pick'em Spreads Week 9

Another week and another set of spreads. This will probably be the last week we have a good spread count until I can figure out a nice time to get these out.

This week was VERY boring in the Pick'em. Little-to-no diversion whatsoever.




Ball St @ Army 11-0 Ball St
NIU @ WMU 11-0 NIU
Kent St @ #15 Rutgers 9-2 Rutgers Lone Wolfs: OHBCats & bull_trojan Good luck bud. Also, MAC GOTW
#23 Ohio @ Miami (OH) 10-1 Ohio Lone Wolf: bull_trojan
Toledo @ Buffalo 10-1 Toledo Lone Wolf: bull_trojan again.
Akron @ CMU 7-4 CMU Weird thing: the first 5 on the spreadsheet all have CMU, the next 4 have Akron. This was on the GOTW vote, and got 0/48 votes. LOL
UMass @ Vandy 11-0 *snickers* I'll let you decide who we all picked.

NOTE: bull_trojan took advantage of this to possibly pole vault into the top half by going against the grain.

High Votes: NIU (3), Toledo (3), Ball St (3), Ohio (2)
Low Vote: UMass (7), EMU (3), Miami (1)


Week 9 MAC Football Overview

One-loss Kent State plays undefeated Rutgers. Ohio and Miami tangle in the Battle of the Bricks. UMass is playing Vanderbilt for some reason. And Army wants some more of this. Let's take a peek at the rundown of this week in MAC football, the last Saturday before weeknight games:

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