Making MAC Bowl Eligibility History

I was recently looking at the overall standings on ESPN, checking out who was bowl eligible and who had already been ousted with 7+ losses when I noticed that the MAC still had 3 uncertains left. It got me to thinking, would it be possible for those three teams (WMU, CMU, Miami) to all make it to be bowl eligible? After some research into their remaining schedules, they all three still could! That would make for an unprecedented NINE MAC teams being bowl eligible. That's more than the Big East and on par with what the ACC and SEC normally send. Here is how it could work.

Western Michigan:
Current Record (3-6)

For them to become bowl eligible, they would need to win out. They have two road games and a home game but looking at who they play, it is certainly doable. A win against Central Michigan, Buffalo and Eastern Michigan are all within reach and can bring WMU up to a 6-6 record and make Cubit's seat a little less toasty.

Central Michigan:
Current Record (3-5)

They have a one game loss buffer and could still reach bowl eligibility. For this perfect scenario of 9 teams becoming bowl eligible, that buffer is gone with a loss to WMU this weekend. But then looking at the rest of the schedule, much like WMU, they have 2 away and a home game. Again, each of them are winnable with games against EMU, Miami and UMass. Their toughest challenge will be against Miami but if they can over come it, they too will be bowl eligible at 6-6.

Current Record (4-4)

With four games left, they just need to win 50% more of their games. We've already established that they would need to lose to CMU for this magical MAC season to happen. Their other three games? Two home games and an away game. With as up and down as Miami has been this year, it's really hard to gauge which team will show up to each of them. I believe it is safe to say though that their 6th loss would have to go to Kent St. That means they would win their games against Ball State and Buffalo. Both possible but certainly not going to be easy.

So if those three teams can pull that off, the MAC will have 9 eligible teams for post season bowl play. Will they all get a bowl bid? Great scott no. But just making it to the .500 mark is still an achievement to be proud of while getting some coaches another year to prove themselves. Please feel free to share your thoughts!

This post was submitted by one of our esteemed readers and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or thoughts of Hustle Belt or SB Nation.

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