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Thursday Night MAC Football: Eastern Michigan at Ohio

The one-loss Bobcats host the one-win Eagles to usher in November's weeknight MAC football showcase.

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Did Donte Foster's TD just seal the game?

The singular play in the quarter was a weird Donte Foster simple out route that was stunningly turned into a 79-yard touchdown as five Eastern Michigan tacklers converged on him at some point, but he outran them all. I'm— I'm not entirely sure what happened there.

EMU put together a solid drive, including two fourth down conversions behind the 50-yard line, but the drive stalled on a big Neal Huynh sack and they were forced to punt. And yes, t'was another Alex Gillett reception on third down.

The outcome is looking pretty obvious at this point, but if you want to see Bronson Hill run and Garrett Hoskins/Gillett make plays downfield ... stay tuned.


Ohio takes 24-14 halftime lead

It's a game that feels like Eastern should be in it. But "should" has been a very 2012ish word to describe the Eagles.

EMU was held to a field goal and touchdown through the first 14 minutes of the quarter and also forced an interception on a terrific diving grab by Devin Patterson, but they couldn't run any clock off trying to score, had to punt, and a broken tackle in the secondary resulted in another touchdown for the Bobcats.

Instead of Beau Blankenship, it's been Ryan Boykin getting the call, and OHIO has been running on third and long and converting with regularity. Boykin ran 57 yards on a 3rd and 13 up the middle. Yep. He has 12 carries for 97 yards and Tyler Tettleton has thrown two touchdowns. Wide receiver Landon Smith was helped off the field with a nasty ankle injury, and he didn't put any pressure on it.

Ryan Brumfeld is having a huge game as well, rushing for a touchdown, giving him two on the day. Alex Gillett leads the team with two receptions, which is an odd thing to say but here we are. Bronson HIll leads the Eagles with 13 carries for 66 yards.

Also, an Eastern Michigan punt bounced DIRECTLY OFF A PLAYER'S HEAD.


EMU isn't going anywhere after the first quarter

EMU began the game with the ball a couple tough Bronson Hill runs, a long pass play, some drops, and a Dylan Mulder field goal that boinked off the left goalpost. Ohio responded with an easy touchdown in which Beau Blankenship could not be stopped, especially on the goal line.

And then EMU responded with a counterpunch: a rollout touchdown to running back Ryan Brumfield, the first of his career. So they're not going away, at least not yet.

Also: benched quarterback Alex Gillett caught a pass as a wide receiver. It's so obvious I'm surprised I didn't think of it.


Ohio should have no trouble with EMU ... right?

After losing their first game in startling fashion, the one-loss Bobcats regroup and host one-win EMU at home at 6 p.m. ET on ESPNU, signaling the advent of MAC November weeknight football.

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