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MAC Football Week 10: Kent State Defends The Wagon

Kent State escaped a scare against Akron with a 35-24 victory. Western Michigan also won their rivalry game against CMU and Buffalo capped a wild game against Miami (OH) with a 27-24 victory.

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Northern Illinois is mean

We tried to warn UMass about you, Northern Illinois, and bless their hearts they played a full football game, but were shut out for the second straight game as NIU pasted the Minutemen 63-0. Jordan Lynch did his thing until it was 42-0 after the first drive of the quarter then sat the rest of the same, so as not to run up the score. But Matt McIntosh was just as savvy, accounting for three touchdowns of his own, including two on the ground.

UMass turned the ball over four times, including three by way of fumble, and went for it routinely on fourth down but could only pick up one out of six tries on fourth down, including a fake punt which fell short by a yard.

And that's all you need to know about that.


Who's going to win the MAC East?

Kent State, Bowling Green and Ohio are in a veritable three-team race for the MAC East division, with Kent State running on the inside track. Although a doomsday scenario could result in Miami still winning this weird thing.


Kent State moves to 8-1 with Akron victory

Either Kent State defense is developing a reputation for closing games or Akron is getting one for not. Or both! The Zips couldn't score in the fourth quarter either and a Trayion Durham touchdown in the final minute sealed the victory in the Wagon Wheel game.

Akron had basically one shot at taking the lead late in the game, but Jawon Chisholm was stopped on a fourth down run. Their previous drive was marred by two penalties in KSU territory, forcing them to punt. The Zips fall to 1-8, as teams unable to close are wont to do, and will host UMass next Saturday.

Kent State is now 8-1 (you read that right) and have their longest winning streak in 70 years. They'll draw a tricky trip to Miami (OH) next Saturday.


Kent State takes 28-24 lead vs. Akron

It took until the third quarter for the defense to get some stops, but that dangerous Golden Flashes defense finally forced a turnover (a Jawon Chisholm fumble) and started tipping passes at the line of scrimmage. Trayion Durham ran in for his second touchdown of the game and Dri Archer finally gave Kent State the lead on a beautiful 30-yard reverse (accented by a marvelous Spencer Keith block downfield). Archer is now at 142 total yards on 12 touches.

Akron had just one first down in the third quarter. Yep.


CMU leads WMU 23-14 after 3

I'll keep this short because I'm getting VERY furious and if the result holds, will have a very angry post to come.

Harman made another short FG, and a 58 yd Titus Davis TD catch makes this a 23-14 game after WMU didn't move the ball at all in the 3rd.

Central with a lot of life on the sidelines and in the stands versus little to no emotion by Bronco players and fans. This is a rivalry game?


Zips hang onto 24-14 halftime lead at Kent State

Quite a bizarre way to finish the first half. It began with a 3rd and 1 call: a flea-flicker that would've been intercepted had it not been dropped. An apparent field goal led to a delay of game, then quite possibly a second delay of game but it wasn't called and Akron converted the fourth down pass. It all set up a field goal, but zaniness remained abound.

Kent State finally got on the board, both plays set up by big Dri Archer touches. Touchdowns were scored by Trayion Durham and Spencer Keith on goalline plays, so they're very much back in this game. That Akron field goal gave them good feelings as they headed into the locker room.

If Kent State wins this, it'll be hard fought. And they're still waiting for that first takeaway.


Buffalo stuns Miami 27-24 on last-second FG

Where to begin. I had trouble watching the online feed after the first quarter, but after a first in half in which six total points were scored ... this turned out to be an insane finish. The Bulls and RedHawks kept swapping touchdowns all the way to the final minute, when Zac Dysert tossed a game-tying TD to Nick Harwell with 37 seconds remaining. That was after converting a 4th and 20, which ... sound familiar?

But Buffalo's Devin Campbell made the play of the game with a 47-yard run on the return, setting up a 47-yarder by Patrick Clarke, which was drilled as time expired.

It looks like a bad loss for Miami — and in some ways it is, given that they knocked off unbeaten Ohio last week, now fall to one-win Buffalo. But UB put up a good showing against Toledo last week and has played a grueling schedule thus far. It was only a matter of time until the MAC started eating itself.

In the box score, Branden Oliver had 199 yards on 32 carries and Joe Licata had a decent day getting the rare start: 13-for-24, 127 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

Zac Dysert did surpass Ben Roethlisberger as the all-time Miami passer with 241 passing yards and thre touchdowns on 25-for-44 attempts. Harwell caught 10 balls for 62 yards and all three touchdowns.


Akron takes early 14-0 lead on Kent State

Yes, Kent State is 7-1 and Akron has no wins over FBS teams. You wouldn't believe it based on how the first quarter went. KSU could only attain 40 yards of offense as the Zips defense keyed in on Dri Archer and has minus-one yard on two touches. Akron, meanwhile, is playing inspired offense and Dalton Williams has thrown two touchdowns to Jerrod Dillard. Williams is 12-for-13 passing with 127 yards and Marquelo Suel has caught six balls for 50 yards.

KSU's hopes of becoming ranked could be in dire straits if they can't pull this thing around, and QUICK.


WMU strikes, leads CMU 14-13 at the half

WMU scored twice, using big passes to take a lead over CMU, but was unable to pull away as the Chippewas pulled within 1 on a 1 yd TD.

Tyler Van Tubbergen threw a 55 yd TD to Blake Hammond early in the 2nd, and followed that up with an 18 yd rushing TD on the next drive to give the Broncos a 14-6 lead in the 2nd. However, when the Broncos forced the first CMU punt of the game, Dareyon Chance chose not to field the punt, and it rolled for 74 yds down to the WMU 3. TVT threw an INT 3 plays later, and Zurlon Tipton put it in.

Overall, TVT is 7-13 for 132 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT and is rushing for 27 yds and a TD. So an up and down game. Eric Monette has 2 catches for 52 yds. The Broncos aren't getting much else outside of Hammond's TD, as Chance has just 9 yds rushing on 6 carries.

Ryan Radcliff is 12-18 with 166 yds at the half. Tipton has 56 yds on 13 carries and a TD, and Titus Davis and Cody Wilson each have 4 catches for 76 and 55 yds respectively.

The 2nd half is still to come!


CMU leads WMU 6-0

David Harman is 2-3 for FGs, having one blocked as Central has gotten into WMU zone 3 times, but has only came away with 6 points. Ryan Radcliff is 8-12 for 135 yds, and had a possible TD dropped in the endzone. He has been hitting Cody Wilson and Titus Davis rather easily, as each 3+ catches for 50+ yds.

The Bronco offense has been dead. TVT has 17 yds passing and the team has only rushed for 16. However, 3 holds in your own zone by your defense helps. Lots of time to go in the Battle for the Cannon!


Miami-Buffalo: field goals and weird zooms

If field goals were weighted according to length of kick, Buffalo might be winning. But Kaleb Patterson's 29-yarder for Miami was topped by Patrick Clarkes 49-yard shot, and that's all the scoring we've seen.

Miami has had trouble moving the ball, going 1-for-8 on third down and failing to hit the 100-yard mark so far. The best plays so far have been Dawan Scott sweep plays, and he has three carries for 29 yards.

Meanwhile, Buffalo's moved the ball well — Branden Oliver already has 100 yards on the ground — but a fumble and an interception have cost them field position.

And the camerawork on the MAC Digital Network feed has been ... well, very zoomed in, not to mention a bit erratic and the feed keeps jumping around in time. It's like "Memento" if Guy Pearce was a football player.


MAC Football Week 10 overview

The price of weeknight football: Saturdays are a little thin on games. But Week 10 does feature two storied rivalry games as well as a closer game than expected, followed by the two teams furthest from each other geographically — and competitively.

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