MAC Pick'em Week 10 Results + Week 11

Quick recap before we dive straight into the week

Let me start out by apologizing. I am sorry that you have to do your picks the same day as the first game, but unfortunately, I have a this thing called school on the side. It's a pain in the ass, but I pay for it and don't want to anymore. Nevertheless, we are here again, and can get to the picks.

No pomp and circumstance for the winners this week. Due to a large amount of ties (Miami-Buffalo the main outlier), we went to the tiebreakers this week. Therefore, numbersdontlie and Josh G win this week.

Full breakdown will be available on request, but know that OHBCats now leads the overall by 1 pt over Josh G as Chippewa Blue has fallen to 3rd, 6 points back and 1 point ahead of myself. TD3 is 5th, 9 points back.

On to this week! Here is the link to the form. Three point week this week. ALSO!!!!!!!! First tiebreak this week will be special. Since it is Election Day, the first tiebreak (since we will not award points) is........who do you THINK wins the election? Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? It is not who you voted for/wish to vote for.


Ball St @ #25 Toledo - The Rockets should have a field day against the Cardinal defense. I don't think it'll be close.


Bowling Green @ Ohio - I think Bowling Green uses defense to pull the upset. Ohio fans may hate me, but the Falcons just seem like the better team here.


Kent St @ Miami - Kent St rolls against a shaky Miami team. Beats Ohio but loses to Buffalo? WHO ARE YOU MIAMI?

Central Michigan @ EMU - This game really doesn't matter. Except the fact that CMU could still get bowl eligible against 3 bad teams. The Michigan MAC Trophy will be on the line next week regardless. EMU wins - they either retain or outright win the trophy. WMU wins - they win the trophy outright.

UMass @ Akron - My personal favorite for GOTW. Which team gets their first FBS win of the year? Does UMass finally put it all together? Can Akron do this? I think the Zips are clearly the better team and pull away late.

WMU @ Buffalo - DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO HAVE THAT TROPHY! *ahem* sorry, I never got to do a recap for the game Saturday. Both teams won fairly good games for themselves, and Buffalo looks possibly potent again. Still, I like the Broncos in this one.

President for next 4 years: Obama
High: Toledo
Low: Miami

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