DeMACracy Night In America: Ball State at Toledo

Don't want to watch the election? Watch a more exciting race: the race to 60 points.

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Ball State declared winner

Having 34 points compared to Toledo's 27, Hustle Belt is going to go ahead and declare Ball State University as the winner of Election Night MAC Football. A Jahwan Edwards late touchdown sealed the deal and Terrance Owens couldn't get a measly first down in the final drive. This means that Toledo's incumbent spot as a ranked MAC team is over. Ball State improves to 7-3 on the season and Toledo falls to 8-2, despite the huge night from David Fluellen (34 carries, 200 yards).

This doesn't affect the MAC West too much, though; Toledo can still likely win the division with a victory against Northern Illinois, assuming both teams win their other matches. That game is next Wednesday.


Ball State holds onto 24-20 lead

Yes, it's had some ugly moments — fumbles, near-fumbles, drops, penalties — but through all of it, the contest is as close as we've been hoping it would be.

Ball State took the lead on a Keith Wenning strike to Jamill Smith, his second of the game. UT tried to respond back with a touchdown that Bernard Reedy just couldn't grasp, and Jeremiah Detmer knocked down a short field goal from the left hash to bring us to the score we're currently at.

BUT. Wenning threw his third interception of the game, this one almost straight to Dan Molls. Toledo has the ball and is driving in Cardinals territory. Fifteen more minutes of this. Can you say Overtime in America?

Follow along in our Toledo-Ball State gamethread.


Projections: Ball State-Toledo too close to call

The Cardinals and Rockets are tied 17-17 at the half. The uniforms are red and blue. METAPHORISMS.

And is David Fluellen going to ream his blockers or what? A second great run was negated due to an offensive penalty, resulting in a field goal instead by Jeremiah Detmer. Fluellen also didn't help his cause thanks to a fumble on a spin move which was brought back by Tony Martin for 54 yards (popped out by Jason Pinkston), resulting in Steven Schott (now a Groza Award semifinalist!) kicking a field goal.

Fluellen redeemed himself with some tough runs, with Cassius McDowell punching in the score with a minute to go. A Keith Wenning pass that was tipped and sailed into the craw of Cheatham Norrils ended the dream to go back ahead.

As the dust settled, Fluellen finished the half with a laborious 20 carries for 152 yards. Do you guys remember Adonis Thomas? I sure as heckfire don't.

Join us in the Ball State-Toledo gamethread.


First quarter: Ball State jumps to 14-7 lead

Do you like points? Is 21 points enough? Don't worry, there's more where that came from.

So far Ball State has the upper hand. They jumped to a 14-0 lead thanks to their passing game. Keith Wenning has thrown two touchdown passes to Jamill Smith and Connor Ryan and is 12-for-15 for 135 yards. Toledo responded with a Terrance Owens strike to Bernard Reedy, a great receiver nobody wanted to guard. David Fluellen has given 'em yards on the ground, 76 total on eight carries. He had a TD wiped away by an obvious holding call but it eventually led to the Reedy touchdown. So all is well.

Ball State tight end David Schneider was carted off the field with an apparent leg injury that was so terrible that ESPN2 said they weren't going to show it. So ... I'm not interested at all. Yep, just hope he recovers. Yep.

Join us in the Toledo-Ball State gamethread.


Toledo-Ball State (Non-Election) Gamethread

Election results: you can't find them here. You will find several touchdowns and two coaches which the Big Ten probably wants to hire as their own. It's your shelter from that big voting thing.


Election Night 2012: Ball State at Toledo

Ball State doesn't have much of a chance to win the MAC West, but at the very least their offense can keep up with the Rockets as a perfect distraction to keep you away from watching election returns.

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