Tonight's MAC Basketball Games: No Realignment Discussion Please

Tonight's MACsketball games, to get your mind off Temple:

Men's games:

7 p.m. - Ball State (13-12, 4-8) at Western Michigan (11-16, 5-7) (SportsTime Ohio) (ESPN3) (MAC Video Feed)

Well, it's the one STO picked so it might be a close game, because WMU always finds itself in dramatic situations. The Cardinals are finally off a losing streak and WMU is oddly enough completely in the MAC West race, but they need this one.

7 p.m. - OHIO (21-6, 8-4) at Buffalo (16-8, 9-3) (Video Feed)

Probably the one to watch beyond all others. The Bulls are in a two-game funk and home court is looking mighty good to them, but OHIO seems to be getting back on their streamroller and plowing through teams. The Kent State loss last night opened a door for them to jump in the standings and a win over UB is almost paramount toward getting the other double-bye. This would also help Akron immensely in their MAC regular season title.

7 p.m. - Bowling Green (14-12, 7-5) at Akron (19-8, 11-1) (Video Feed)

Should be another Zips victory, but everybody by now knows better than to outright dismiss BGSU as the "fifth best team." A victory here and UA is guaranteed at least a single-bye, although they're gunning for the outright regular season title, naturally.

7 p.m. - Central Michigan (8-18, 3-9) at Toledo (13-14, 4-8) (Video Feed)

Anything at stake here? Both teams have legitimate hopes to get a first-round home game, and maybe it'll help settle which freshman is better: Juice Brown or Austin McBroom — assuming the latter one is no longer suspended.

7 p.m. - Northern Illinois (3-22, 2-10) at Eastern Michigan (11-16, 6-6) (Video Feed)

And if NIU beats the "MAC West leaders," then I won't know what to think.

Women's games:

Looks like Miami already played Akron today and won 84-76. How about that!

7 p.m. - Bowling Green (22-4, 12-1) at OHIO (12-15, 5-8) (Video Feed)
7 p.m. - Western Michigan (6-20, 3-10) at Ball State (9-17, 4-9) (Video Feed)
7 p.m. - Northern Illinois (12-13, 6-7) at Central Michigan (13-14, 5-8) (Video Feed)

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