Belt Loops: MAC NFL Draft Prospects For Next Year

ANN ARBOR, MI - SEPTEMBER 03: Alex Carder #14 of the Western Michigan Broncos throws a first quarter pass while playing the Michigan Wolverines at Michigan Stadium on September 3, 2010 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Scattered links and other interesting stuff about Mid-American Conference news and analysis:

Hey, we're a year away so there's still a ton of time to enjoy the MAC senior football players before they pursue and NFL career. And is going conference by conference this summer, looking at all the potential future pros. They did the MAC last year, and there are a ton of links. This one focuses on the top senior prospects for each team and conclude Alex Carder is the best pro prospect. Hard to argue — they've liked him ever since he started as a sophomore, replacing Tim Hiller, no easy task. Curiously WMU is the only one on which they name three players.

Then there are sleepers, because there are always sleepers. Good call on Chip Robinson; Bowling Green is always good for a reasonable O-line prospect any given year. And then they looked at juniors. No! Not our juniors! But Khalil Mack, at some point, will exhaust his eligibility. Sigh.

• Uni-Watch is smart. Put your faith in Uni-Watch. Essentially the male Vogue, Uni-Watch rates the best uniforms. Bryan Redemske declares Kent State's cream-colored outfit as the "single-best uniform" in the College World Series. They also like the throwbacks, which is important, because you're supposed to like the throwbacks, which I admire even more than the cream jersey. (hat-tip: our own Mike Paquette)

• Purdue is scouting out the competition and their SBN blog previewed their game with EMU on September 15. They like their chances. So do I ... but it could be a breakout game for the Eagles.

• There's also some NBA prospects, too. Reigning MAC Player of the Year Mitchell Watt is being included in some top 100 lists. Additionally Julian Mavunga works out with the Pacers today and Carlton Guyton is going to work out with the Cavaliers.

• While he's not being heralded by many, Jarrod Jones is getting some attention despite a horrendous senior year. One writer said during a public workout, "he's got a pro's game" and could be worth drafting.

• Feverish MAC legend Dan LeFevour is turning his quarterbacking skills up north with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He was in camp trying to be the team's No. 3 guy and looks to have won it with his other main competition, Tate Forcier, cut by the team over the weekend.

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