NCAA 13 MAC Ratings: Nick Harwell Is The Best MAC Player, Toledo The Top Team

Of all the talented players in the MAC, it's Miami's wideout Nick Harwell that grabbed the top rating. (Tony Tribble-US PRESSWIRE)

Well, that settles it. EA Sports made it so, QED. It shocked me a bit when I saw that in the freshest ratings of NCAA Football 13, the Miami wideout was given the top rating for a MAC player. I thought maybe Carder or Dysert would've gotten this, but nope. Here's the top nine — and I stopped at nine because there was a boatload tied for 10th:

1. Miami WR Nick Harwell (92)
2. Buffalo RB Branden Oliver (90)
3. WMU QB Alex Carder (88)
T-4. Toledo LB Dan Molls (87)
T-4. OHIO QB Tyler Tettleton (87)
T-6. Toledo K Jeremiah Detmer (86)
T-6. Miami QB Zac Dysert (86)
T-6. Ball State LB Travis Freeman (86)
T-6. CMU QB Ryan Radcliff (86)

I don't own a PlayStation or Xbox so I can't tell you much about the game — although it appears you can play as mascots (as demonstrated by this video featuring a Zippy/Rocky slugfest). I just love looking at the ratings because they're so detailed and occasionally a bit off, especially factoring in who may and may not be on a football roster.

For bonus flavor, I ranked the top five players on each team (some have more than five if the fifth player was tied):


Jawon Chisholm, HB #44 (81)
A.J. Fox, P #17 (80) — the is one problem I've found so far. No, not that the punter is the second-highest ranked player on Akron. You see, Fox he was dismissed from the team in May. Whoopsy!
Adam Bice, C #65 (79)
Troy Gilmer, ROLB #5 (75)
Devonte Morgan, FS #26 (73)


Travis Freeman, MLB #8 (86)
Keith Wenning, QB #10 (85)
Scott Kovanda, P #18 (83)
Jahwan Edwards, HB #38 (82)
Kitt O'Brien, LG #79 (82)


Dwayne Woods, MLB #5 (85)
Anthon Samuel, HB #6 (82)
Chris Jones, DT #91 (82)
Matt Schilz, QB #7 (81)
Brian Schmiedebusch, P #95 (81) — THUNDERPUNT0RZZZ!!!


Branden Oliver, HB #32 (90)
Patrick Clarke, K #45 (84)
Khalil Mack, LOLB #46 (80) — I don't like to quibble about ratings. But Khalil freaking Mack is only an 80?
Alex Neutz, WR #19 (79)
Steven Means, LE #40 (76)


Ryan Radcliff, QB #8 (86)
Jake Olson, LT #73 (81)
Cody Wilson, WR #11 (81)
Jahleel Addae, SS #4 (80)
Mike Repovz, LG #67 (78)
David Harman, K #96 (78)
Titus Davis, WR #84 (78)


Alex Gillett, QB #8 (83)
Justin Cudworth, ROLB #47 (83)
Korey Neal, LT #68 (82)
Javonti Greene, HB #32 (82)
Andrew Sorgatz, C #72 (81)


Luke Batton, MLB #30 (84)
Roosevelt Nix, DT #5 (83)
Brian Winters, LT #66 (81)
Jake Dooley, RE #51 (79)
Freddy Cortez, K #45 (77)
Kent Cleveland, RT #65 (77) — He's played on this team for five years, and in my third year on the blog I am now realizing that Kent State football has a player named Kent Cleveland.


Nick Harwell, WR #8 (92)
Zac Dysert, QB #4 (86)
Dayonne Nunley, CB #3 (84)
Brad Bednar, LT #72 (81)
Andy Cruse, WR #15 (81)


Jimmie Ward, ROLB #15 (84)
Logan Pegram, LG #70 (83)
Mathew Sims, K #99 (83)
Rashaan Melvin, CB #11 (83)
Jordan Lynch, QB #6 (81) — No pressure, buddy.


Tyler Tettleton, QB #4 (87)
Matt Weller, K #49 (83) — You still have eligibility left?
Alphonso Lewis, LOLB #46 (83)
Eric Herman, RG #77 (83)
Gerald Moore, FS #13 (82)
Skyler Allen, C #65 (82)


Dan Molls, MLB #32 (87)
Jeremiah Detmer, K #85 (86)
Robert Bell, ROLB #38 (85)
Terrance Owens, QB #2 (85)
David Fluellen, HB #22 (83)


Perry McIntyre, MLB #44 (77)
Jeff Strait, P #41 (76) — At least this second-best player who is a punter is still on the team. Good luck, buddy!
Nick Speller, LT #72 (74)
Quinton Sales, C #51 (71)
Darren Thellen, SS #27 (71)


Alex Carder, QB #14 (88)
Lewis Toler, CB #24 (83)
Dann O'Neill, RT #68 (83)
Tyler VanTubbergen, QB #2 (82) — So, WMU's backup is rated higher than all quarterbacks on six other MAC teams.
Kevin Galeher, C #62 (81)

Oh, and you want whole team ratings? Sure.

Toledo — 83
OHIO — 81
Miami, NIU — 79
EMU, WMU — 77
BGSU — 75
Ball State, CMU — 73
Kent State, Buffalo — 71
Akron, UMass — 63

How good is and 83? By comparison, other 83s include Kentucky, Ole Miss, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, UConn, Duke and Iowa State. The 63 is the third-worst rating to Memphis (61) and Florida Atlantic (60).

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