MAC Football Week 2: Nine Excellent Plays (VIDEO)

Sep 8, 2012; Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA; Central Michigan Chippewas quarterback Ryan Radcliff (8) throws a pass in the third quarter against the Michigan State Spartans at Kelly/Shorts Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US Presswire

Looking back at the Week 2 games through the magic of moving pictures...

As part of the MAC Digital Network we can share their highlights with you. The caveat is the game has to be broadcast at a MAC stadium, and there are some other restrictions but generally that's about it. You can view entire highlight packages on your front page video player — just pick the team. I've pulled a few of my favorite individual selections. Videos: they're like GIFs, but with sound!

(By the way, you can watch replays of most ESPN-broadcast games at WatchESPN, even the ones they blacked out live.)

We'll start in OHIO, because they're the only undefeated team left in the MAC. Credit to Landon Smith for getting free on this touchdown, but this might also be on the NMSU defense to wrap the heck up.

Staying in OHIO, excellent pass by Tyler Tettleton, better catch by Donte Foster:

It truly was the week of wacky interceptions. This is Pat Hinkel's second pick of the game (the first went for a touchdown) but after some pinball action, Hinkel had yet another impressive runback.

I saved a soft spot in my heart for this Zac Dysert pass to Steve Marck, because DOUBLE COVERAGE ON A TIGHT END HEY NO BIG DEAL. What was he even doing that deep? Tight end streaks must be the new black.

Moving into Central Michigan, briefly. This would've been a shutout at home were it not for a tremendous jump of the route by Jason Wilson. What's MSU throwing the ball with two minutes left in the game anyway?

I need to show something good for Eastern Michigan, just to cheer them up. Their two best offensive plays were probably back-to-back, and a bobbling catch by Bronson Hill was followed up with a wide open one to tight end Garrett Hoskins:

OK, one more EMU one. Their defense had extensive issues, but Colin Weingrad came up with a terrific interception, because you don't see screen passes getting picked off often.

For Bowling Green, watch Anthon Samuel as he takes the inside draw against Idaho and then wait never mind he's already gone.

Western Michigan pecked the scoreboard often against Eastern Illinois but we'll again throw some adoration to the defense. The pass is a little airy, but it's as if this was thrown specifically for Lewis Toler.

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