MAC Blogger Roundtable, Week 3: BGSU Upsetting Ohio State in 2016 Would Be Neat


As part of an ongoing way to network with each other, the MAC Blogger Roundtable The questions this week are from Maroon Musket. Look at this progressivism. It's their first year as a MAC blog and yet we have no exemptions from them participating in important matters. They're question-eligible.

1. MAC schools have pulled off some big upsets during the past few years - most recently Ohio over Penn State (whether or not that is actually an upset is surely debatable). In a perfect world, what would be the most enjoyable upset for your school and why?

Any Ohio school over Ohio State. We've talked about this at length on our site but it's probably new information to your fanbase: the last time OSU lost to an in-state school was Oberlin College in 1921. The Yeomen aren't going to pull that off anytime soon. The Buckeyes scheduled Kent State and also MAC co-founder Cincinnati in 2014 but personally I'd love Bowling Green to snap the streak in 2016 and beat their former coach Urban Meyer. Haha, just kidding, Meyer will be onto the next school by then.

2. MAC teams typically play one or two "pay-to-play" games where they step into a BCS team's stadium and are essentially expected to lose. Do you think these games are beneficial beyond being a financial boost? Do they help get teams ready for the MAC slate, or are they just opportunities for injuries?

Easy. It's so Samuel L. Jackson tweets about your school.

But many of these MAC schools have the desire to become a top 25 program. They'll never reach that point just by watching them on TV, or beating each other up. They need to play at least one quality opponent, maybe two, to see exactly what they do so well, in the hopes something intangible permeates their own program. The other reason is recruiting. If you sign up to play in the MAC, you know you'll play a handful of games against the Big Ten, maybe even a specific school who gave you but a cursory look as a depth fodder, not a starter.

3. As the "new guy" in the conference, we don't know the recruiting strategies of MAC schools. What approach does your school take when it hits the recruiting trail? Does the conference, as a whole, seem to have a similar recruiting philosophy?

I'll admit I personally don't know a lot about the sausage-making behind a recruiting class. I do know that players get "stars," and I don't know the conversion rate from stars to unicorns, but the in-state high schoolers with more stars are usually picked clean by the Big Ten, then Notre Dame, then any other conference who wants to swoop in. For Ohio schools, six teams are fighting over scraps, same with the three in Michigan, but you're seeing a lot of schools also build pipelines to Chicago and Florida. And I dearly miss Bowling Green recruiting blonde-haired Alaskans just to see who will be the next Cole Magner. For UMass ... man, you're all the way out there in the east so you won't be going for a share of our core constituency except maybe Buffalo's, and this new demographic could very well be an advantage for you.

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