MAC Pick'em Week 3

Before we get into things again, let me go over a couple things. (1) The overall scores will start to be posted sometime around week 5. You can live without them until then. (2) If you do not use the form starting this week, I will not tally your scores. (3) Bonus points for detailed picks/details on the game will be 2 points this week. (4) I am defending champ (I forgot to mention that last week).

So let's get down to business, here is the link to the form.

My picks are below the jump


Western Michigan @ Minnesota - OF COURSE I'M GONNA PICK THE UPSET! WMU played OK against Illinois, but mistakes put the game out of reach. I see the mistakes mostly fixed, and Minnesota is a lesser team. MarQueis Gray may cause some problems, but if the WMU defense can weather the storm (12 points/game in 1st quarters, 3.5 in all other 3 combined by defense), I see no reason to think we can't win this. SADDLE UP!

NIU @ Army - Army got smoked by San Diego State last weekend. NIU looks scary good so far. Easy pick after NIU crushed the Black Knights last season

Eastern Michigan @ Purdue - Purdue hung with a good Notre Dame team last weekend while Eastern looks like the pre-2011 Eastern teams. LOL at this score.

UMass @ #17 Michigan - The lone ranked team in action this week in our pick'em will kill UMass to show they still have it. Although that mean UConn and Indiana also have it. I want it! *checks schedule* heheheheh

Morgan State @ Akron - If Buffalo can do it, then so can Akron. Just don't hurt yourselves.

Miami (OH) @ Boise State - The Broncos got the week off after narrowly losing to a great MSU team. Bad news for the RedHawk defense.

Ohio @ Marshall - Remember that video of when the Bobcat players found out they got black jerseys for the Marshall game last season? Is it still cool? Ohio wins a close one.

BGSU @ Toledo - Suss will be at this game? Well hot damn! Neither team has looked particularly great so far, but both have looked good. I take Toledo at home because MAC WEST THAT'S WHY!

Ball State @ Indiana - Indiana has to feel good about crushing UMass. Ball State has looked good. I'm writing weird sentences that make no sense. Indiana at home just cuz.

High: NIU
Low: UMass

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