Toledo-Bowling Green Trash Talk: Man, It's Too Early For Trash Talk

Oct 15, 2011; Bowling Green, OH, USA; Toledo Rockets running back David Fluellen (22) against the Bowling Green Falcons at Doyt Perry Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US

The Toledo-Bowling Green rivalry is as strong as it's been in years. Separated by 20 miles, the metro area is aswarm with neighbors and brothers talkin' some smack. Hence, this week I engaged in a series of smack talking with our Toledo writer, Mr. Culby. However, the game, traditionally the last game of the week in recent years, is being played on September 15, the earliest installment of this rivalry in its history. Given that teams usually are working out kinks at this time of the year ... as you can tell, our smack talk also needs work.

Suss: Ahem.

So, I know it's early, but you guys look terrible! Probably. I don't know. The first game was late and the second game wasn't on TV. What are you guys trying to hide? Your possibly terrible team?

Culby: Possibly. Or maybe it's all part of a devious plan to KEEP YOU IN THE DARK AND NOT AT ALL ABOUT HOW UNINTERESTING TOLEDO VS WYOMING WAS LIKELY GOING TO BE. Even though it was, you know, actually pretty exciting.

Okay, seriously, this defense couldn't tackle an orange barrel covered in velco. It looks like it's going to be turnovers or nothing for the D this year, which has been standard procedure for Rockets teams as of late. Weird, considering Beckman was a defensive guy (and Amstutz before him). At least Campbell has an excuse. And the turnovers have been working: Rockets are +5 in 2 games. But that first Cowboys score was too freaking easy.

But hey, who needs to tackle when the offense is going to shoot themselves in the foot? 12 penalties against Idaho? 10 of them on offense? I SEE A TREND, AND THAT TREND IS AN UNDISCIPLINED FALCONS TEAM. Maybe. I mean, the Florida game was pretty good and all... and it's not like Toledo didn't kill themselves against Ohio State last year... BUT THAT WAS OHIO STATE IN THE HORSESHOE NOT IDAHO.

Suss: I'll have you know that BGSU snapped an Idaho three-game win streak at MAC schools. CHOKE ON YOUR FLAGS BECAUSE THESE COLORS DON'T RUN. The color of the flag, that is. It's yellow. That ... actually, you know what, just ignore that. It's September and my rage issues haven't completely manifested.

I think one of the worst facets of the game was, not necessarily the penalties, but that there were FOUR consecutive penalties which forced them to a first and 40. They ended up getting to 4th and 15 then punted. Two other penalties were on the last drive of the game, false starts which didn't hurt them, to kill the clock. It's not always about how many penalties there are, but when they happen and how hurtful they are. Chris Jones' offsides last year against OHIO, which kept the winning drive alive on fourth down, for example, was a killer, but 30 yards of penalties on one drive didn't necessarily cost them much - especially when Matt Schilz made playmakers out of his new receiving team. Seriously, that was nice to see.

Probably can't say that about you guys up north. IF YOU HAVE TWO QUARTERBACKS THEN YA GOT NONE. Oh ... wait, you're only using Owens now? WELL MAYBE YOU'LL USE DANTIN IF MATT CAMPBELL FLIPS A COIN AND GETS TAILS.

Culby: I think this time Campbell will roll a D20. And Dantin will need a natural 20 to start. (Hell, I'm ashamed for writing that one.)

What'll be fun to watch in this one is Owens vs. Chris Jones. MAC West Offensive POW vs. MAC East Defensive POW. If Jones can get pressure on TO, it might force Campbell's hand to put Dantin's scrambing skills on the field, and BG is plenty capable of handling the rush. Or maybe Owens just SNIFFS OUT THE PRESSURE AND CARVES YOU UP LIKE ROAST FALCON...

It's just way too early for the smack talk. I don't nearly hate BG enough yet. See you at the corn maze? I hear they made the BG side more difficult in the hopes that the students get lost.

Suss: Yeah, this is terrible. Let's re-convene in November when UT and BG meet in the MAC Championship OH YES THIS IS HAPPENING.

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