MAC Pick'em Week 4

Another grueling week ahead and the picks don't get any easier. To add to the difficulty, you have a deadline to pick your set of games, or miss out on 2 points. Here is the link to the form. I have made the first game optional if you happen to miss the deadline (I can see when you picked). Did I cover all the bases? Good, on to Week 4! This will be another 2 point week for detailed picks. From now on when I say "x" point week, that's what that means.


Kent State @ Buffalo - Week night MACtion already? Dang. Anyways, this game would be a GOTW candidate, but I'm not putting it up there. I'll give you clowns all week to vote on other games. Defending champ, Head Honcho, I make the rules. As for the game? Buffalo has looked way more impressive than Kent State, who's lone win came against a Towson team who has looked weaker and weaker as their schedule has played out.

For the Saturday games, follow me past the jump.............


UMass @ Miami (OH) - Here's your shot UMass. Honestly, until they can look competitive in any game, I don't see why I would pick them.

BGSU @ Va Tech - The Hokies lost to Pitt last weekend. A lot of frustration is going to be vented this weekend.

CMU @ Iowa - *snickers*. OK, let's be honest for a second. Iowa hasn't looked all that great this season. 1 point win over NIU, a 9-6 loss to Iowa State, and a 27-16 win over Northern Iowa that the Panthers were in most of the game. Still, this is a Central team that almost lost to SEMO so.......................

Norfolk St @ Ohio - Last season, Ohio lost their 3-0 record in week 4. Cupcake game will avoid that.

UConn @ WMU - I was wrong last week thanks to MarQueis Gray getting hurt. Seriously, the Broncos had him shut down before that punk back-up QB comes in and throws 3 TDs on his first 3 drives. Anyways, Carder is at home where he is usually on fire. He is one of the reasons the Broncos lost last week and doesn't let this game get out of Bronco hands.

EMU @ #21 Michigan St - *snickers again* hahahahahahaha. State killed Central, I wonder what they do to an equally bad Eastern team.

Kansas @ NIU - One of two incredibly hard games for me to pick this week, Kansas-NIU was a thriller last year. Harnish is gone for NIU and Gill is gone at Kansas. Enter Jordan Lynch and Charlie Weis respectively. I think Kansas gets their offense going and their defense is looking good as well this year.

USF @ Ball State - The other hard game. Easily harder because I have NO idea how each team is doing. I'm going by last year's game, where USF led 30-0 at the half to help me out. Honestly, I think if Ball State can hold USF's offense down, it's their game. But I don't think that is going to happen.

Coastal Carolina @ Toledo - *yawn* Toledo thrashes the Chanticleers. Next!

Akron @ Tennessee - Congrats Akron for leading the MAC in points for a week. Now back to the cellar!

High: Toledo
Low: Eastern Michigan (C'mon State, don't screw me over again)

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