VIDEO: Kent State Looks Like A MAC East Spoiler

We'll start with the Bulls. I had them winning this game and scoring well over 30 points. I also told you the good stuff would be when they had the ball. I am a terrible blogger.

Their only seven points came on an end-of-half Hail Mary from Alex Zordich to Alex Neutz. I don't think many teams have found success on a purely Alex-based offense. Branden Oliver got hurt, and Steven Means and James Potts are also out of commission, so that running game suddenly went bye-bye. Pray that Khalil Mack and Colby Way catches everybody, because UB needs to get better than a passing game with five completions and three interceptions. Where is Georgia's offense?

As for those Flashes go Golden ... my goodness, they can suddenly run the ball. Dri Archer is still having a terrific year, despite some scary Bulls linebackers, and Trayion Durham wore them the heck down. Roosevelt Nix didn't have many tackles, but pressure from the D-Line opened up opportunities for C.J. Malauulu and Luke Batton to make some stops behind the line of scrimmage.

Freddy Cortez also doinked a field goal off the FRONT of the goalpost and in for three points. This was magic. Freddy Cortez is using magic to kick field goals, and I think this is illegal.

Their only issue appears to be quarterback, and that kind of is the important one. Spencer Keith still seems to be clawing for playing time as a senior as reps were given to the long-locked David Fisher in the second half. Neither were exceptional, though.

Yes, Buffalo's offense shot itself in the foot, many times, occasionally missing its foot and putting holes in the flowers surrounding their feet. But much of that was brought upon by pressure and good coverage. All three units played excellent for KSU, and it's for this reason they have the human utensils to beat anybody in the MAC East ... even OHIO. That is the final regular season game for both teams, on Friday, November 23. Their schedule is favorable with no Toledo or NIU, even with no UMass on the docket. They have all the potential in the world. They might need to figure out who is playing quarterback, though. But they have a couple months.


Dri Archer: 14 carries, 127 yards, TD; 2 receptions, 32 yards
Trayion Durham: 23 carries, 112 yards; 2 receptions, 47 yards
Luke Batton: 10 tackles, 1 sack
Jake Dooley: 6 tackles, 1 sack
Darius Polk: 2 tackles, 2 INT
Branden Oliver: 16 carries, 77 yards
Khalil Mack: 12 tackles, 4 TFL, 2 sacks

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