MAC Pick'em Week 1 Results

So before I dive into my recording of the Illinois-WMU game, I'm going to give you your results to see who has the upper hand going forward. How important was it to have a good week? Well of last year's top 5 finishers, all either tied for the lead or finished 1 point behind on the week. Intense stuff.

No one went perfect, but by going 11-1 this week, your Week 1 Champ is.................OHBcats.

Here's how the week shaped out.



OHBcats 16
ChippewaBlue 15
Brandon Hickey 15
bull_trojan 14
Josh G 14
td3 14
TheRealOhio 14
Huron Boy 14
Matt Sussman 13
rovitz707 13
Brown and Gold 12
r7carlsn24 12
rob.kull 11
numbersdontlie 11
zibby 10

REMEMBER, you do not get the bonus points if you don't detail your picks. Case in point: rovitz could've tied for the win but had no backing.

ALSO!!!!!! We are implementing the Google Docs picking next week, therefore I need your PINs. You can either email me them (see the bottom of the page) or shoot me a direct message on twitter (@broncofitz). You could also comment below with them, but someone could possibly troll your picks. Completely up to you!

Below we'll go game by game and see how the group picked.

  • The following list of games were all unanimously picked correctly:
    Kent State-Towson
    Ohio State-Miami
  • 9 people of 15 got the Ball State-Eastern Michigan game correct. 6 people (including me) missed out on the first MAC game, which are always worth a base value of 2 points.
  • UConn dominated UMass, yet one person went rogue and picked the Midshipmen to win: Matt Sussman. While his detail behind the game might have hinted otherwise, I have to go what's on paper (or screen. Shut up)
  • That same person went rogue with the BGSU-Florida game. Went for style points and failed.
  • Arizona-Toledo went right for 2/3 of our pickers. 10 people correctly predicted the lone OT game of the week.
  • 3 people missed out on both the NIU-Iowa and WMU-Illinois games (not together, just individually).
  • And the big one: the game of the week. Only FIVE people correctly picked the upset of Ohio over Penn State, but they are sitting pretty with the double point value of the game.
We'll post next week's post on Wednesday.

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