Let It Begin! Our Week 1 BlogPoll Ballot

STATE COLLEGE, PA - SEPTEMBER 01: Quarterback Tyler Tettleton #4 of the Ohio Bobcats celebrates while leaving the field following the Bobcats 24-14 win over Penn State Nittany Lions at Beaver Stadium on September 1, 2012 in State College, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Let's be straight up about this: I moved teams around quite a bit this week. The preseason poll is a preseason poll for a reason, and while (in my mind) I would refrain from basing too much on just one game, it just seemed like certain teams showed their true colors this week for better or for worse.

And faithful readers of Hustle Belt, I IMPLORE you to share your thoughts. Because from here on out, we'll be doing two BlogPoll posts a week: one on Monday or Tuesday (a draft ballot, if you will) and a final one on Wednesday after receiving some input from you, the readers. Example: I left Ohio out off the top 25, but did put some serious consideration into it. Convince me.

Without further adieu...

Some thoughts:

- I thought West Virginia was beyond impressive this weekend and, for the time being, deserve a bump up. They were suppose to play Florida State this week but the Mountaineers paid FSU $500,000 to get out of the deal. Seriously, how GREAT would that game have been?

- Kept Oklahoma in the top 10 despite a close one against UTEP (I actually moved them up a spot). Can be talked into moving Michigan State past them. Speaking of MSU, I kept Boise in the top-25 despite the loss to a ranked team, but then took Vanderbilt out under the same circumstances. Life isn't fair.

- It was hard to ignore the play of Louisville and Notre Dame this week, so they hop into the top 25.

- Falling out of the top-25 are Vanderbilt and Florida. I still like Vandy to win some games but the Gators may be in some trouble. Vandy had to go because I was swayed by the 'Ville and ND. We can easily go back in a week and reverse tide.

- Moved Oklahoma State up seven spots. Thorough domination, even if it was Savannah State. Left Ohio State at 17, one spot ahead of Michigan. The jury is still out how far to drop Michigan, we've got to wait and see if 'Bama is going to lay the smack down like this on every team.

Share your thoughts below!

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