Rubber Bowl Items Put on Auction Block

These guys never played at the Rubber Bowl. They're glad they didn't. - Gregory Shamus

The Akron Zips played their last game in the Rubber Bowl in 2008. Saturday, they're auctioning (mostly) the whole place off.

Mark your calendars: contents from the historic Rubber Bowl are being auctioned off on Saturday at eleven in the morning. Be there!

Witchey's Auction Services will be auctioning basically everything still inside the Rubber Bowl on Saturday. The University sold the stadium to Team 1 Marketing for $38,000 in May. That marketing group had plans to bring a USFL team to the Akron-Canton area and planned to use the Rubber Bowl as the home field.

Let's take a look at some of the crap that's being auctioned:

Old Gate

Usefulness: Very good at keeping fans out.

Likely bid price: $35.50

Used Chalkboard

Usefulness: Learn how J.D. Brookhart planned his first three downs. Usually, these didn't work.

Likely bid price: $7.20

Frozen Treats Cart

Usefulness: Be the hit of your neighborhood with this slick cart. May or may not attach to the back of a bicycle. May or may not scare kids away.

Likely bid price: $56.63

Akron Soap Dispenser

Usefulness: May be the most useful item of the lot. Plus the company that makes all of the hand soap is headquartered in Akron. IT'S STILL IN THE WRAPPER.

Likely bid price: $22.30

Ticket Window Bars

Usefulness: Want to put your kid in the worst time out ever? Buy this and put in up in your house. The kids will hate it.

Likely bid price: $44.52


Usefulness: Because you haven't seen enough crap at the Rubber Bowl.

Likely bid price: $75.69


Usefulness: Charlie Frye probably drew a play up on this. He started a few games in the NFL!

Likely bid price: $3.51


Usefulness: Practice tearing down the goalposts at your own house. Or you can decorate it for Christmas.

Likely bid price: $290.48

Field Turf

Usefulness: Never mow your grass again. You may get a bunch of rubber pellets in your shoes. But, it's totally worth it.

Likely bid price: Priceless

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