MAC Blogger Roundtable: November Edition

Each week, the blogs of the MAC come together to discuss the coming's and going's of the conference. This week, Toledo blog "Let's Go Rockets" hosts. See what we had to say to their questions AND the monthly power poll.

1. What one game left on your respective team's schedule is an absolute must-win?

First of all, I'll answer with my team (WMU).  That game, at least for me, is the Central Michigan game.  Final home game, biggest rivalry, with the possible Michigan MAC Championship on the line.  WMU has a 2-game winning streak in the rivalry and it would be huge to extend it to 3 games, moving the record to (hopefully) 3-9.

As for the game I'm most looking forward to?  That is Ball State vs NIU.  Nothing needs to be said about it.

2. Disregarding record and tie-ins, based on what you've seen through 9 weeks of the season, what one team would you like to have a shot at in a bowl or playoff game and why?

Oof.  Uhhhh.............hmmmm.....................I would like to see the Broncos take on UConn.  Why?  Two game win-streak in the series bitchezzzzzz.  Naturally, both of these teams rather, well, suck this year.  It would be a good match-up and the rivalry was brewing.  It would be interesting for sure.

Side note:  lots of two-game series win-streaks for WMU

/looks at Ball State, EMU, and Kent State series right now/

Yep.  Odd.

3. We've seen a bevy of new bowl games with MAC tie-ins. What's your take on the additional bowl games -- good exposure for MAC teams, too many bowl games already, or something in the middle?

I love it.  Why shouldn't you?  The AQ teams have already formed their little club and will keep the little guys like the MAC and Sun Belt way out.  Bowls are the only thing we have left now.  The more tie-ins we have, the more exposure we get, the better chance we have to look good (and conversely look bad but shut up).  The explosion of bowl games was already an issue, but at least the MAC is getting in on the fun and not sitting idle with 3 tie-ins while crappy conferences like the American (or as I call it, the new C-USA) and the lower half of the Big Ten get boat loads.  Seriously, the 8-seed in the Big Ten gets the Pizza Bowl bid.  No, just no.

4. Power poll... rank the MAC teams 1-13.

And cue the outrage.

1.  Ball State
2.  NIU
3.  Buffalo
4.  Toledo
5.  BGSU
6.  Ohio
7.  CMU
8.  Kent State
9.  Akron
10.  WMU
11.  EMU
12.  UMass
13.  Miami

First of all, I would like to say there are about 5 tiers in the MAC right now:

Tier I:  Ball State and NIU.  Very, very close.  Ball State has looked like the better team as of late in my opinion, and has beaten Toledo.  Don't take this as a knock on NIU, but Ball State just looks like the better team to me.

Tier II:  Buffalo, Toledo, BGSU, Ohio.  Ohio just makes this cut.  All of these teams should go bowling easily though.  Whether they get in is up to "THE MAN", but they are up there.  Not the best though.

Tier III:  CMU, Kent State.  Ehhh teams with tough schedules.  They can look good some games and crappy the next.  When on, they are Tier II.  When off, they are close to Tier IV.

Tier IV:  Akron, WMU, EMU, UMass.  Bad teams but not as bad as Tier V.  Nothing else should be said.

Tier V:  Miami.  "When you are so bad you need your own Tier, you are Miami bad."

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