MAC Blogger Roundtable: Dust stating to settle

Each week, the blogs of the MAC come together to discuss the comings and goings of the conference. This week, fellow SB Nation blog Bull Run asked some questions. See what we had to say.

1 - In my view has NIU finally smashed the myth that service provided recruiting rankings matter? Jordan Lynch was a two star recruit who landed during a time when the Huskie's recruiting classes were hardly eye popping.

In Buffalo we have Khalil Mack who had only one FCS offer. James Starks was in the same place and he is now playing for the Packers.

Where do you fall on the recruiting services rankings and who on your team proves that they are useless?

Ha.  Finally someone who gets it.  Recruiting is a crapshoot more often than not.  Sure you'll find great players, but lest we forget that Dane Chryst was one of the best players in the country?  He fizzled at Notre Dame then Kansas.  I mean, sure you'll find players like Jaedeveon Clowney, but I really don't think you'll have more hits than misses in recruiting.

Look at Eric Fisher last season.  2-star recruit, and the first overall draft pick.  Blame a weak draft.  Blame the needs of the teams drafting at the top.  Whatever, he still would've gone top 10.  I'm just waiting for Chance Stewart to rarely see the field next season for WMU while Cam Thomas or Zach Terrell lead the Bronco offense for the next few seasons.

2 - NIU is killing Fresno in the computer polls but human eyes are putting the Bull dogs and their "impressive win over Rutgers" well ahead of NIU. Is the mountain west a more powerful football conference this season and if so why?

Powerful?  I say no.  San Diego State isn't that great, and just barely missed knocking off the Bulldogs.  Boise State and Utah State are having down years.  No one else in that conference really pops out at me.  Nevada, Hawaii, and Air Force are shells of their former selves.

Meanwhile, Ball State has looked impressive, Toledo has been red-hot up until Wednesday night, and Buffalo and Bowling Green look pretty solid in their own rights.  The MAC just suffers from a HORRIBLE bottom half that features teams like Akron, Miami, WMU, EMU, and Kent State.  Also, Ohio is again collapsing in the 2nd half.

A few readers have said that voters are bored and want new blood.  Fresno State is new.  NIU got blown out by a Florida State team, that is contending for a national title this season I might add, in the 4th quarter of the Orange Bowl this year.  They see what they want to see, and they want to see Fresno State rise, even if they only play 11 regular season games and a Mountain West Championship game.

3 - With this season winding down What MAC team has surprised you the most. Conversely what did you see coming but it seemed to surprise everyone else?

You know what?  Kent State really surprised me.  Maybe losing Dri Archer early threw off their mojo, but I thought they'd contend for a bowl again.  No dice.  You could also include Akron and them getting 4 wins as a surprise.  WMU sucking that bad surprised me, but I had them as a 4-win team so..............

As for "called it", I think everyone knew Ball State and Bowling Green would be good with their insane offense and defense respectively.  But, hello Buffalo!  I knew pre-season they'd be solid.  They had the tools, and momentum, to contend.  And here we are.  Ohio choked (again) and the MAC East just blew up this year.  Khalil Mack, Branden Oliver, and Alex Neutz paced that team to a solid 8-3 (6-1) record with a winner-take-all match-up with Bowling Green set for next week.

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