Q & A with FakeGuyMAC

Hustle Belt: FakeGuy, how long have you been a Mid-American Conference fan for? Do you have any specific schools that you like to root for?

FakeGuyMAC: I've been a fan of the MAC forever, I mean look at them, cradle of coaches, hall-of-famers, my dad ran in the Olympic trials, my nephew played in the Sweet 16, and how about the College World Series? That was awesome.

HB: Jeremy Guy said that you were his #ManCrushMonday. Is the feeling mutual or do you not have any interest in him?

FG: I'm not ready for a new man crush. I'm still getting over the loss of Mat Stainbrook to Xavier.

HB: There are many MAC students and alum that would rather root for one of their in-state B1G teams. How do you feel about that?

FG: Never trust a conference that plays all of their games on Saturday. The Big Ten is too old fashioned for me. If you don't have at least four directional schools in your conference then just get out of my face.

HB: Oh wow, a new car! What'd you do with all of the sweet BCS cash money from last year?

FG: We spent all the money creating all these new bowl games that no one is ever going to show up to.

HB: There's a ton of controversy and confusion when people try to define #MACtion. How would you define it?

I would define it as the word "action" combined with "MAC" which is the name of our conference.

HB: I know Jeremy Guy is a huge Cleveland fanatic. Do you enjoy any professional Cleveland sports teams?

FG: I am a Cleveland Indians fan, their tiny crowds make me feel at home.

HB: We recently did a Q&A with YaBoy Matt Campbell. Have you ever met him? Seems like you two would be buds.

FG: I try not to associate with people from Toledo, so no. Plus, I'm not sure he's old enough to get served at any late night establishments.

HB: Who would in in an arm wrestling match, you or Kirk Herbstreit?

I threw for more yards in my intramural team at Bowling Green than herbstreit ever did at OSU. I'm not too worried about him.

This post was submitted by one of our esteemed readers and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or thoughts of Hustle Belt or SB Nation.

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