We're Looking For MAC Writers/Editors/Social Media Producers

Barry Cronin

Are you a fan of the great little conference that produced MACtion, or maybe you just follow a specific MAC team or sport? We may have a spot for you here at Hustle Belt.

As the primary source for Mid-American Conference coverage, we're growing at a rapid pace. We strive to cover the MAC and it's 12.5 member schools on a comprehensive level, giving readers detailed game coverage, in depth features, hot sports takes and analytical looks at the news effecting the conference and the teams we love.

Being a blog, we rely on the help of volunteer contributors, and we're always in need of more help. Our contributors play a variety of roles on our team, from traditional blogging, to social media management and just about anything in between. We even have some people whose role is to simply hang around and join the discussion.

Why join our team?

If you love #MACtion, there's no better group to be a part of. We have close working relationships with the Mid-American Conference and its member institutions.

Maybe you're a student, looking to get into journalism or media as a career. We have close relationships with the MAC and its members, and can get your credentials to games and events.

Maybe you're a blogger who has been doing it on your own for sometime. We can provide you with a fantastic publishing platform, a great team of like-minded individuals, and a built in growing audience to share your work with.

Maybe you're just starting out at the whole sports writing/blogging thing. We can provide you with the training and resources to help you flourish as a writer, and the tools and knowledge to promote your work to a wide range of readers.

Maybe none of these describe you, that's OK, the point is no matter what your experiences are, if you love the MAC, and love to share your opinions and ideas with fellow fans, we probably have a spot on the roster for you.

We've also had several team members go on to write for a living at places such as MLive and the Oregonian, take jobs with team's athletic departments both in the MAC and with other colleges/professional leagues, and several of our writers have gotten roles with SB Nation, including their own sites. We look out for our own, and we help others succeed.

What we're looking for:

  • Team Managers: Team-specific editors/head writers who get to help shape the direction of the coverage of their team. TMs have some autonomy over their team-specific hub and get to run a mini team-specific blog with the perks of being a part of a bigger league-wide site. We have TM openings for: BGSU, Buffalo, CMU, Kent State, Miami and Toledo.
  • Reporting Intern: Find more details about that position here.
  • Recruiting Editor: We're looking for someone to oversee and lead our coverage of MAC recruiting. Following the MAC recruiting news, updating our recruiting database, maintaining the @MAC_CrootinTwitter handle, writing occasional features, editing and posting articles and working directly with the managing editor to shape the site's coverage objectives are all involved in the job.
  • Football Editor: Looking for someone to oversee and lead our coverage of MAC football. Following news, writing features and breaking news, editing football stories and posting them, working directly with the managing editor to shape the site's coverage objectives are all part of the duties involved.
  • Recruiting Writers: Typically assigned to one school, responsible for following that school's recruiting news, contacting commits, writing articles, and occasional features. Teams we need recruiting writers for: Akron, Ball St., Bowling Green, Buffalo, CMU, Kent State, Miami, NIU, Ohio, Toledo and WMU.
  • Social Media Coordinators: Help manage the site's Facebook, Instagram and Vine accounts, and occasionally help manage the Twitter account as well.
  • Writers: To help cover specific teams, or sports, or provide features on anything from a player profile to why
  • Multimedia Contributors: Like to take photos, make videos, GIFs or graphics and infographics? We can use your help expanding our multimedia coverage of the MAC, and we can provide you with a large built in audience to share your content with.
  • General Hangers On: We're always on the look out for funny people who can liven up the discussion on our site with quick wit, and the perfect GIF placement. You'll get to moderate the comments, and even help pitch ideas for the site. Plus, you'll get to associate with the greatest MAC fans in the world. That in itself is worth applying.

Of course we're always looking for new team members for various other positions as well. whether you want to cover an individual school, sport, or just help out when you can, just because one of the above jobs doesn't quite fit what you're looking for doesn't mean we don't have room for you. We're always looking for new talent, so apply today.


If you'd like to join our team, drop us a line at hustlebeltblog AT gmail.com with "Hustle Belt Application" in the subject line. Let us know what role you're interested in, why you're interested in joining our team, a little bit of information about yourself, and an original 400-600 word sample post that would serve as your first contribution to the site (if you're applying for a writing position) and we'll get back to you if we think you'll fit. Also, try your hand at writing a FanPost.

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