Where to Go From Here? Ball State Faces the Waiting Game with Wake Forest and Others

Ball State Head Coach Pete Lembo is likely on his way out. So where do the Cards go now.

Blogger So Dear reported Wednesday night that a strange flight from Winston-Salem to Muncie had taken place. Earlier today The Star Press confirmed about the only sane reason on why a flight of that nature took place. Wake Forest AD Ron Wellman is talking with Pete Lembo about Wake's job opening. Ball State has few options in situations like this one and the Cardinals certainly won't come anywhere close to matching Wake's or any other big 6's offers, so Ball State only really has one viable option; wait.

Ball State now has to find someone to continue taking the program in the direction Lembo took it. That will not be an easy feat. After Ball State lost Brady Hoke in 2008 the program lost momentum over the next couple of years under Stan Parrish. The good news for Ball State is that there is plenty of young talent out there ready to take a program under their wing a few years. The bad news is that Ball State might not be able to get the great young coach fast enough.

That brings us back to Pete Lembo. He will (likely) leave and now it's a matter of how fast he does so. How fast he says good bye to Muncie will result in how much time Ball State gets to pick a new head man. Luckily, as of now, Ball State has plenty of options to replace Lembo. There's everyone from the crazy candidate in Bobby Petrino to a safe move like Dino Babers of Eastern Illinois.

Ball State could be facing the same situation ad they did in 2008. The centerpieces of the program are leaving again. In 2008, Ball State lost a lot of talent and a good head coach. In 2013 things will likely be the same. Another bit of good news is that Pete Lembo's tenure at Ball State was a great one. He leaves Ball State as the best team in the state of Indiana and has turned Keith Wenning from a solid QB to an mid-round NFL draft pick.

The Lembo era isn't over yet and we will see if he coaches Ball State in their bowl game (According to the USA Today, Ball State will play Notre Dame in the Pizza Bowl!).

If you have any suggestions or ideas on who BSU's next head man should be, feel free to us know in the comments below.

This post was submitted by one of our esteemed readers and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or thoughts of Hustle Belt or SB Nation.

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