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Live Coverage From The 2013 Mid-American Conference Tournament

The 2013 MAC Tournament is sure to bring agony, excitement, and two monarchs. We will be taking you through all of the action.

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It was an Akron Day

The University of Akron Zips men's and women's basketball team won their semifinals game, setting up a Zip double header tomorrow at the Q.

The Akron Zips women's team held off Ball State and the Zips men's team did the same to Kent State to clinch births into the finals Saturday afternoon and night.

The Akron women went into halftime with a double digit lead, but soon found out that punching their ticket would be a lot harder than that. Ball State actually took the lead for a second, but Akron dominated the final two minutes and won the game falling away.

Hanna Luburgh was the saving grace for the Zips. She came through with 33 points, non bigger than a three that she hit from the corner to put her team up by three with one minute to play. They were able to feed off the momentum and secure a victory.

For the men's team, it was a lot harder. They held a three point lead at half, but fell behind six points at one time in the second half. It was the big men that helped Akron win he game--it sure was not their free throw shooting. Treadwell and Marshall combined for 32 points. They played huge, and Marshall had four fouls on him for the last five minutes of the game.

The woman will play Central at 1:00, while the men will play at 6:30 against defending champions Ohio.

This should be really fun (for at least me).


Tyler Tettleton has some basketball analysis

It was all OHIO against Western Michigan in the MAC Tournament semifinals, taking a 41-27 halftime lead. The Bobcats simply could not miss from the floor. But Bobcats quarterback Tyler Tettleton had another theory behind the hot start:



Central Elminates Toledo

The Central Michigan Chippewas faced adversity today--particularly foul trouble.

With eight minutes to go, both Crystal Bradford and Taylor Johnson had four tagged on them. They were forced to play little defense, and watch driving the lane. It took them out of their game, which in turn put Toledo in theirs.

If it was not for that, Toledo would have probably been blown out. Bradford was just getting started before she had to pull the reigns. Toledo seemed dead in the water.

However, with less than 30 seconds to go, UT was only down by one. A push off (it looked like a flop from my vantage point) gave them the ball. However, a missed shot killed all hopes that the rockets had.

Battle Of The Band

Central Michigan again came out strong and won. They at times were as loud as the Toledo force, which says a lot.



Bardford is out with four fouls

That is four fouls on Bradford and now she has to sit out.

She has fell victim to a couple silly fouls today, and the fourth was no different.

There is still 13 minutes to play, we'll see how long CMU can hold of Toledo without her.


Central leads by ten at half

Central Michigan started the contest against #1 Toledo with four straight threes and at one point had a 20 to ten lead.

It has gone back and forth since. Toledo's crowd, which consists of half the population of the city in which they hail, is trying to will their team back in it, but they are still facing a ten point deficit.

The Rockets are still alive however, as we have seen a lot of second half swings already in this tournament.


Day three at the Q

I need to work on my stamina.

These late night (9:00 is late to college students like me) games are tough to cover when you have already wrote (poorly) about three games.I want to clean up a few things from last night.

1) Eatsern is actually spelled Eastern

2) Western won, and will play Ohio tonight.

3) It was Western Band that won the Battle of The Band as well. They had a giant banana that they used as a prop. It was very good. I got a picture of their mascot holding it. The band would use it when Eastern was attempting free throws at their end.


No one said it was a good picture.

As for today,

(women's) #4 Central plays #1 Toledo at 12:00

(women's) #3 Akron plays #2 Ball State at 2:30

(men's) #4 Kent State plays #1 Akron at 6:30

(men's) #3 Western Michigan plays #2 Ohio at 9:00

Top four seeds are going at it in both tournaments!

Lets do it.


Western and Eastern locked in a battle

With just over eight minutes to play, the Broncos and the Eagles are locked in a close one

The Borncos have led most of the way, but the Eagles continue to figure a way to stay in the game.

Shayne Whittington has 20 points for the Broncos, but will it be enough? Right now it looks like it is.


Earl Boykins has candy

When you think of Eastern Michigan basketball, you think of Earl Boykins first and foremost ... and George Gervin went there. So naturally Boykins is courtside at the EMU-WMU quarterfinal game, and it's a cool sight to see.

That does appear to be Airheads in his hand. If I had to wager a guess on the flavor, it looks like ... strawberry? More as this story develops.


Kent State Beats Buffalo

The Kent State Golden Flashes and the Buffalo Bulls played till the very end Thursday night, but in the end it was Kent State that left Quicken Loans Arena with a two point win.

Kent state was led by senior Chris Evans. Evans was on fire for most of the night, and scored 25 points. Randal Holt aided with 17 points of his own.

The Flashes started the second half down by three, but was able to fight back time and time again. They covered Buffalo's Will Regan well, which caused Tony Watson to be the primary deep ball threat. Though he came through often, he could not push his team past the #4 ranked Flashes.

Javon McCrea had to sit out nearly seven minutes because of foul trouble in the first, yet he still finished with 20 points on the night. He is going to have one heck of a senior season.

Kent State will battle #1 Akron tomorrow at 6:30

Battle Of The Bands

This battle was won by the Buffalo Bulls. The Bulls pulled their record even at 2-2 for the tourney because they gave it their all. They continued to chant and encourage their team throughout the rough periods of the game, and may have had a big impact in how Buffalo performed tonight. It was very well done.



Buffalo and Kent Tied

We are tied at 60, and Will Regan will have two free throws.

It feels like we are wasting time until a great #MACtion finish.


Buffalo up slighty

The Buffalo Bulls had an eight point lead with 4:21 to play in the half. However, a 9-3 run to end the half has Kent in striking distance only down by two, 32-30.

Javon McCrea was forced to sit out for the final seven minutes of the contest. He will be well rested, but perhaps out of sync to start the half. Or he will catch fire--what do I know? (nothing)

The story was Tony Watson, who has 13 points now, and was a critical part in the Bulls taking the lead in the first place.

Darren Goodson (513 represent) has been good for the Flashes, he has seven points. While Randal Holt leads the Flashes in scoring with nine points.

The second half is due to start in seven minutes, there is non-stop action.


Bull up

Buffalo is on 13-4 run, with ten points coming from Tony Watson, and hold a six point advantage with just over 2:30 to play in the first.

The Bulls started the game down, but has crawled their way back into it after Javon McCrea had to sit down because of two fouls. Perhaps the Bulls are benefiting from spreading the floor a little more. It is possible that McCrea will benefit from this also later in the game when the Flashes are panicked about not giving up the three.

31-25 2:32 to play


Media Dining Update

Though the MAC decided to limit its media members to one time through the line this time (You can probably blame myself for that from last year).

For today:

In the morning we started off with more of a lunch menu. And it was very good. I had some Chicken and Macaroni and Cheese. For desert one chocolate chip cookie. The meal was very solid, plus I learned from day one and got an extra scoop of everything.

The evening meal was good. It was not special, however it was not bad.

The best part was the mash potatoes (skins mixed in). However I made the fatal mistake of mixing it with my mix vegetables. I usually like it like that but it just did not go as I planned. They also had barbecue ribs, which were solid, but I am not a huge rib guy to be honest.

After all this, I am well fed and ready for the final two games of the night.Di


Akron beats Buffalo, Advances to semis

Believing in something more is sometimes tough to do. It was clear during the Buffalo press conference, that faith played a big role in their valiant effort to come back from a 12 point deficit in the second half.

Felisha Legette-Jack started off thanking God for the opportunity that she has coaching the Buffalo program, and continued her up beat attitude throughout the presser. She spoke about turning children into adults, building her program around good people, and helping the Mid-American Conference grow in exposure when it comes to the women's basketball.

Honest, it is tough not to root for her now.

One of the major reasons why the Bulls had so much success in the last half was because they cut down their turnovers and stopped Rachel Tecca from being Rachel Tecca-- Although Tecca did finish with 13 points and nine rebounds and scored two of the bigger points in the game at the end. Tecca finished 6-19.

"Lets give some credit to Buffalo," Said Zips head coach Jodi Kest, "They were sending two or three players at her at a time."

And though Tecca 'struggled', her teammates picked her up. Taylor Ruper came up with a big time four point play to tie the game at 70-70. The Zips kept fighting and managed to take a lead that they did not give up, winning the game 83-79.

The Zips will go on to face #2 Ball State tomorrow at 2:30.

Battle Of The Bands:

This battle belonged to Akron. Buffalo, surprising, came out LATE to the floor, and did not make it out until right before tip-off. Not too mention Akron's band made strong use of the Cowbell. Akron is 1-0, while Buffalo falls to 1-2.


Picture by Justin Lada


Buffalo has the lead

Buffalo now leads by a point, 58-57. They have played very good basketball in this second half.


Akron Leads Buffalo 48-36

The Akron Zips started off sort of slowly however picked it up and have a 12 point lead to show for it.

Akron is clearly the better side, but Buffalo has shown bright spots and the ability to attack. UA will have to be careful not to overlook their opponent.

Leading the charge is Sina King who has 14 points for teh Zips. For the Bulls, Margeaux Gupilan has 12.


Central beats Bowling Green

That was not pretty.

Central Michigan played better in every facet of the game, and left Bowling Green head coach Jennifer Roos dreaming of an WNIT bid.

Christal Bradford played outstandingly well, scoring 23 points in the game, she explained that before, after she shot the ball, that she would pose. After her coaches words, she is following through and cleaning up any ones missed.

She cleaned up the six rebounds in the game.

As well as the Central offense played, their defense was strong as well.

Central early on changed into a 2-3 defense from man, and that threw BG completely off their game. Central went on a 21-0 run which pretty much ended the game in the first half.

Next, Central will play Toledo at 12:00 tomorrow

Battle Of The Bands:

This one was a no brainer. Central Michigan probably won this one within the first two minutes. They produced signs that read "Bowling Green misses all the shots" (Adventure Time) and "U Mad Bro", chants that included strong transitions like fundamentals to lets go Central and the combination between their drummer having a mohawk and playing the power ranger theme song they KO'd their competition. It was really good.



Central Leads by 16 at the break

It was a Central Michigan first half, as a 21-0 run propelled them in front of their third round foe.

Bowling Green had no answer for virtually any player that Central Michigan threw at them. It was a sight to see.

However, BG is not dead yet. A 14-3 run to close out the half has helped them cut the deficit to 16. A large margin for sure, however Western Michigan was able to cut that amount just a day ago against them.

Will it happen? Wait two minutes to find out.


It's 37-13

I forgot to post the score in the last update


Central is Dominating

Central Michigan is running over Bowling Green today. It is not even fair. CMU is far more superior in almost every aspect of the game. It's not just Crystal Bradford, who has 13, it's the entire team.

They have picked up seven steals, no make that nine now; BG has not had a good look yet. They are swarming on defense and are way more elusive on offense. The strength from inside and the dead shooters from the outside has them shooting 56 percent.

BG did not score in an eight minutes span.


Every Central starter has scored

Every player on the court right now for CMU has scored a bucket. The stat line reads 2,2,2,7,3 for a total of 16 points. That is pretty impressive. They lead 14-7.


Day 2 in Cleveland

Good afternoon everyone. Last night saw a lot of intense action and a couple good finishes. The tournament should only get better as time goes on.

Tonight we have

(women's) #5 Bowling Green vs. #4 Central Michigan 12:00

(women's) #7 Buffalo vs. #3 Akron 2:30

(men's) #8 Buffalo vs. #4 Kent State 6:30

(men's) #6 Eastern Michigan vs. #3 Western Michigan 9:00

And so it begins.


That was a really bad game

Wow, that was a really bad game. Miami went on a 10 minute streak without scoring a field goal. Not a single field goal. They hit like three free throws in that span. It was really bad. Will Regan of Buffalo scored 25 points in the second half, Miami finished with 22.

I was going to name this a forgettable game, however I am afraid I will ever forget the travesty that happened on this court.

It was cutting the fat. It is a shame that Bowling Green was not able to beat these guys. It would have saved us this brutal game. I mean really, what an awful experience and way to finish day one.

Eastern Michigan was not much better, don't get me wrong. EMU barley got over 50. They only cracked it with under two minutes to play..

And then the time outs at the end of the game. I understand a coach wanting to coach up his players and help them build momentum going into the next round. But what was Rob Murphy saying?

"Make a damn shot! Please, make a damn shot!"

Watching this game made you wonder if you even like basketball anymore. We sat in an empty Q Arena watching Miami turn the ball over 21 times. My head is hurting, my eyes are watering-- I want to go home.

How did Michael Reghi call this game? How in the world is someone suppose to keep an audience interested? It dragged, and it was not even that long of game. This was horrible

The only positives of the night was three dunks that EMU got off in the closing minutes. Miami has stopped playing and EMU just ran to the rim.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better. EMU will take on WMU at 9:00.

Battle Of The Bands

In this match up, it was Eastern Michigan that came through. Miami again was quiet and kind of boring. While the EMU band came through with Gangnam Style and Celebration time. They also chanted and did all the good stuff though. Plus, one of the trombone players had a blue trombone for Miami...their colors are red and white...



Buffalo beats Ball State

Buffalo's second half blew the doors off their second round game against Ball State.

Trailing at the half 36-30, the Bulls fought all the way back to win the game 76-61.

The major story was Will Regan, who scored 36 points, 25 points in the second half, and received a standing ovation when he left the court with 14 seconds to play and the game in hand.

"He definitely had it going on tonight," said Berry Jesse of Ball State.

Regan was excited about his day, but made sure that people knew he was just getting started.

"It was just one game. It does not mean I made it. I still have a lot of work to do to turn the corner." Said Regan,

One of the problems that Buffalo head coach Reggie Witherspoon saw in the first half was that his team was getting dominated on the boards. This was true, as he team was out-rebounded by nine. They finished down by six. However, with Regan knocking down threes, it was not too bad of thing.

The reason why Regan got so hot? He got a couple good looks earlier on, which allowed him to get in rhythm.

Ball State head coach Billy Taylor said that Regan was able to knock down a couple at the start of the half, and went on a rampage afterwards.

Also for Buffalo, Javon McCrea scored 18, and played a big role in the win.

Buffalo will play Kent State tomorrow at 6:30.

Battle Of The Bands:


Picture Taken by Justin Lada

This was the toughest decision that I ever had to make. Both clubs gave it all, but in end it came down to one miscue on Buffalo's side. With under three minutes to go, they started Sweet Caroline, but failed to get to the chorus. The slip up cost them the game. Meanwhile, the Ball State band performed the Jefferson's theme song, Enter Sandman and Queen. Along with that, they performed a "Bull S*** chant. It gave them the win.


Will Regan has led his Bulls to an 11 point lead

Buffalo leads by eleven after trailing by six at the start of the half.

The major reason for their success is Will Regan 30 points. He has been on fire and does not look close to cooling off. He has captivated this crowd, that has shifted to pro Buffalo.

McCrea is in double digits as well.

54-54 5:37 to play


Will Regan is on FIRE!

Yeah, he is. Will Regan has caught fire here in the early part of the second half.

The Bulls have made up their deficit

42-42 15:21 to play.


Ball State Leads at half

This has been a four man show so far. And it has been a pretty good one.

For Ball State, it has been Jauwan Scaife. He has 17 points right now. His teammate, Chris Bond, has 10 of his own. Those two guys have worked hard all day and getting the job done.

For Buffalo, Javon McCrea is trying to take the game over. Sometimes he is successful, other times not so much. The second half will be what we remember, as he has 12 in the first. Will Regan has played big inside for Buffalo also. He has 11.

Stay tune for the second half.


Scaife has 17

Scaife is proving tonight that he may have deserved that one Player of the Year vote.

Through almost 19 minutes he has 17 points. He has scored the last eight points for his team.

EDIT: I needed to publish this post before he scored again!


Tied After 15

This game has gone back and forth from the very beginning, and we are tired with five minutes to play at 23.


Javon McCrea is unstoppable

The Bulls lead 9-6 right now, and Javon McCrea has seven of his teams points. He has been a force so far in the middle of the paint.


Men's Turn.

The women provided quality entertainment today, and now it is the men's turn to do the same.

Tonight, #8 Buffalo takes on #5 Ball State at 6:30. They are playing for the right to face #4 Kent State tomorrow.

After them, #11 Miami takes on #7 Eastern Michigan starts at 9:00. They play for the right to face #3 Western Michigan.

Both games can be seen on STO, or watched on the MAC-Sports.com

My Picks:

I'm taking upsets tonight. Buffalo will escape Ball State while Miami I feel will win by eight or more. However, if you have been paying attention I am not very good at predicting, and I probably should stop.



Buffalo Beats Miami 82-70

It was not Buffalo's last five minutes that won them the game, it was the minutes between ten and five that counted. There that they extended their lead to nine points, a deficit that Miami was not able to overcome.

The Bull's Mackenzie Loesing scored 8 points in that span. She totaled 19 of her 24 points in the second half, and led her team to victory.

Buffalo won the game running away, 82-70.

Throughout the first half, the teams went back and forth. They finished it with a 30-30 tie. The game was pretty intense up to the final 10 minutes, as the teams continued to go back and forth.

For Miami, Kirsten Olowinski had 25 points, and the loss marks the end of Courtney Osbourn's career. She finished the day with 19 points. The two were not able to pull their team to victory.

Battle of the Bands:

In this match up between Miami and Buffalo, Buffalo destroyed their competition. They KO'd Miami in the first half, and then piled on them in the second. At the end of the game, after handshakes and all of that, Buffalo's coach Felisha Legette-Jack ran over to the band and celebrated with them. She called them "Awesome". I am interested to see if they can keep the intensity for tonight's men's game.

They also played the Family Guy theme song, so...


Miami and Buffalo in a tight one.

This game has been tight all day. Though Buffalo tried to get out ahead, their lead was reeled in rather smoothly by Miami.

This game is clearly going to come down to the wire. The winner will likely execute the best in the last five minutes of this game.

UB are up by four, with 9:51 to play.


Miami and Buffalo Tied at Half

So these press conferences last longer than I thought, and these games start quicker.

At the start of the tournament, I did not think that Buffalo was going to be able to compete. I was wrong...again. Buffalo actually held a lead longer than Miami has, and now they are tied at 30s.

Courtney Osbourn has nine points for her Miami squad. While Buffalo's Sloane Walton has eight.


Just a Miracle Short

Western Michigan entered the second half down by 18 points, and seemingly little hope to get back in the ball game.

However, a 34 point second half brought them within a point with ten seconds to play with the ball. A double team at the top of the key forced a turnover to kill the dream, and push BG to a 55-53 win, but the outcome was OK for first year head coach Shane Clipfell

"I want to first say that I am very proud of this team," Clipfell said.

Bowling Green's first year head coach Jennifer Roos felt that though the second half was a rough one for her team, she was not going to tout on it and move on to her next opponent, Central Michigan.

"We are not going to look at this game. Our focus will be on Central Michigan," Roos said.

BG's points were much more spread out than Western Michigan. WMU had four players in double figures, three of which scored 12 points. they were Marquisha Harris, Miracle Wood and Aurelle Anderson. It was Anderson who said that she gave a halftime prep speech that fired her team up.

"I gave a speech at half time...[I said] we are on the same boat, and this boat is sinking. I can't swim, so you guys need to help me out," Anderson said.

Her speech worked. Instead of bickering at each other about what was going on, they instead focused on the positives and got their team back in the game.

It was a heartbreaking ending to the Broncos who have so much to be proud of. Clipfell spoke about the toughness and character of Woods, who was probably the target to the last play of the game.

"[Woods] is tough, but in the first half she was getting down on herself. I told her to stay in the game and she did," Clipfell finished.

The Falcons will now go one to face Central Michigan n what is sure to be a barn burner. Last year the two matched up to play one of the most memorable MAC Tournament games in its history. Central Michigan came away with the win.


I will be doing a series as to who has the best band in the Mid-American Conference.

With WMU and BGSU squaring off, the winner of this fight was Bowling Green. The reason for this was not because they hit better keys, but because they figured a way to insert their chant "B G S U" into the Western Michigan fight song. It was enough to get them the nod.


Bowling Green Wins 55-53

This was an incredible way to start #MACtion in Cleveland.

The Bowling Green Falcons was able to hold off the Broncos and come through with a 55-53 victory.

I'm headed to the presser and will have a full recap soon.


Western down by five

This has come from out of no where, but after a six-one run the Western Michigan Broncos are only down by five points.

They look poised to make this a close one.


WMU Storming Back!

I may have said in my last post that this game was over. I was dead wrong.

Western Michigan has come storming back and are now only down by eight with plenty of time left. The BG crowd is dead and the Western side, now aided by the men's team, is actually kind of loud.

39-31 BG 11:28 to play.


Bowling Gren Out and Running

The Bowling Green Falcons mean business here in Cleveland, and they proved it after the first half of their second round game.

They are currently up 37-19 over the Broncos. And though the Broncos have had some open looks, the Falcons have been able to knock virtually everything down. The Broncos have been ice cold.

BG has ran the floor, jumped on loose balls, and looks really, really primed to make a run. The Broncos never had a shot with the way BG has performed. It has gotten to the point where Rogers and Steffen were sitting out for most of the last part of the half.

We'll see what happens in the second, but I honestly would not expect much.


10 Minutes in, and BG has Taken Over

So Western has not played badly, but by far the better team has been Bowling Green.

Earlier on Western Michigan's Miracle Woods seemed to be on a mission to take over the game. However, Alexis Rogers has been the been the one doing all the work. Rogers has nine points and is running over the Broncos so far.

Chrissy Steffen has also done a well, she has seven and is hitting a lot of good-look jumpers.


We Are At The Q

Hello, and welcome to the Mid-American Conference Tournament.

We are in Cleveland, and I am happy to walk you through all the action over the next four days.

On the slate today will be

(Women's) #9 Western Michigan vs. #5 Bowling Green 12:00

(Women's) #7 Buffalo vs. #6 Miami 2:30

(Men's) #8 Buffalo vs. #5 Ball State 6:30

(Men's) #11 Miami vs. #7 Eastern Michigan 9:00

Bowling Green's crowd is already here, they always travel well and have around 200 waiting for the tip that will happen in about six minutes. Meanwhile, it appears some parents have come to support Western.

Sit tight, we are just about to begin.


Eastern Escapes

Being completely honest, Eastern Michigan does not deserve to be playing in Cleveland Wednesday.

Northern Illinois out worked them in the second half, which is not saying much, and almost made a eleven point deficit with less than nine minutes to play go away.

A three pointer by Northern Illinois' Aksel Bolin cut the deficit to six with 6:30 to play in the game. What ensued was NIU getting to loose balls and EMU taking awful shots. It looked like the Eagles thought the game was in the bag. The bag was being emptied in front of 302 people that decided to make the trip (how exactly do you recruit that?).

The Eagles, lulled to sleep, did not wake back up until there was only 32 seconds left to play, and they were down by two. Northern Illinois had worked all the way back, as they found open looks and knocked down clutch shots.With just over a half a minute to play, the Eagles got their clutch moment.

Jalen Ross found an open look and knocked down a three to put his team back up by one. It was a beautiful stroke that was almost certain to go in as soon as it left his hand.

It left NIU with some time however, and they got an equally open shot. A three pointer from just off the nearside baseline that hit the back rim, popped up and out of the basketball ended the game. You could see the NIU bench jump up and subdue their emotions when they realized that their season was over.

Eastern Will now take on Miami at the Q Wednesday.


How Many Upsets Will Miami Produce?

I was going to write a scathing attack on Bowling Green. Perhaps calling them choke artist, taunting them about being unable to get pass the first round.

And then I realized the real story was Miami. Miami is the team that is playing their best basketball at the perfect time. Miami looks like a team that could shock the world and make a deep run in the tournament.

Besides, I am going to attack Eastern Michigan here in a little while so I ought to give out some love first.

Reggie Johnson, Miami's freshman guard , scored ten points in the second half. Included in that were two crucial three pointers that extended his team's two point lead into an eight point advantage with just two minutes to play. It took Bowling Green completely out of it. . Also, he scored the first four points of the second half that extended a three point lead into seven. He finished the night with 12 points off the bench.

However good Johnson was in the second, Jon Harris was equally good in the first. It was apparent that the RedHawks got out to a rough start, but Harris was able to, almost single handily, keep his team in the game. He finished the first half with 12 points and the game with 14.

Along with them two, Will Felder finished the night with eleven points. Though most of his came off of free throws at the end of the game. You can credit him for shutting the lid.

These three men were able to give the rest of their team the push they needed. This team, that played Ohio to four points in Athens just a couple days ago, has a shot to do something special this tournament season. They will now go on to take on Eastern Michigan. It will be a game that I feel they should be favored.

Who really knows how far this young, hungry team can go? I do know that I want to be there to find out with them.


Holy Cow

This first round has not disappointed at all tonight.

Bowling Green came close to coming back, but looks like they are going to fall short. CMU and Buffalo are going to the wire and NIU won't say die and actually has a chance!


Miami is up by ten.

Bowling Green missed going to Cleveland last season after being upset as the five seed. Now they are looking straight down the barrel of that happening again.

After five minutes of the second half, the Falcons have fallen an additional seven points and are reeling fast. They have to get it together or they will be watching from home again.

Miami will be a surprise team to find in Cleveland, I don't think too many people gave them a chance at the beginning of the day.


Randall is attempting to take over this game.

Kyle Randall must have read my previous post while in the locker room.

Central needed someone to step up, and he is off to a quick eight point start in the second half and his team is up by two.

If he is able to keep attacking the hoop, this could have a positive ending for the Chippawas.


Halftime: Eastern, Buffal and Miami lead.

Buffalo had a time in the first half, however a stellar last five minutes pushed them across the halfway line with a four point lead, 30-26.This game is not close to being over, as they have seen six lead changes already. Central is doing a good job hanging around, however will need more players than Fowler or Simmons to step up. It is very much possible.

Eastern Michigan has a seven point lead. Although NIU was able to outdo their first effort against EMU by 17 points in the first half, the five win Huskies are doing all they can to stay in the game. I doubt that NIU has much of a fighting chance in the second half, but after all it is March.

And Miami, who was loosing by the largest margin so far in the tournament, currently holds a 3 point lead, 34-31. Jon Harris is a really, really good basketball player, and he is proving it once again tonight. He already has 14 points, and is trying to put his team on his back and carry them to Cleveland. He may do that if he is able to replicate his first half performance.

There has been some really exciting basketball so far, and since i am a wagering man, I bet you that the trend is going to continue to close out this first round night.


The Games Have Been Very Competitve So Far

All three games are now just under 10 minutes to play in the first, and each of them are within a possession.

Buffalo and Eastern Michigan has been unable to get away from their opponents as of yet. In fact, Buffalo has been trailing for most of the contest, but now they have lead.

Bowling Green has played an extreme case of cat-and-mouse, running away from Miami only to be reeled in. They will again attempt to build a lead.

I have been very impressed with Central Michigan thus far. John Simmons has six points and Chis Fowler leads the team with eight points. They currently have a three point lead. (Watch Here)

We shall continue.


The MAC Tournament: And it Begins

Hello Friends, and welcome to the Mid-American Conference Tournament.

As a pregame show, lets go to Vegas for the odds. Buffalo and Eastern Michigan are both 8 point favorites, while Bowling Green are slightly less favored at -6 1/2

A nice story line is that Northern Illinois defeated Eastern Michigan last season in the first round. It will be exciting to see if they can pull it off again.

Lets do this thing.


The 2013 Mid-American Conference

The men's bracket is set, and the women already know who will be playing in Cleveland.

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