Alex Abreu pleads guilty to drug trafficking

The Zips point guard was jailed for marijuana trafficking, and three months later pleaded guilty.

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Akron's Abreu pleads guilty, avoids jail time

The three month saga of Alex Abreu's drug trafficking charges came to an end in the courtroom, although his future at the University of Akron remains unclear. The Akron guard pleaded guilty to a felony charge of drug trafficking and faces a two year suspended sentence and 18 months of probation. Abreu was first arrested on the heels of the MAC tournament sending shock waves through the Zips fan base. The Zips would still go on to win the MAC tournament before getting blown out in the NCAA tournament.

The University of Akron released a statement on the situation:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>In a statement, the University of Akron said Abreu remains indefinitely suspended following today's verdict.</p>&mdash; Mike Popovich (@mpopovichREP) <a href="">June 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>The statement also says the university and athletic department will review Abreu's case and determine his status at a later date.</p>&mdash; Mike Popovich (@mpopovichREP) <a href="">June 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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There are two sides to the argument of whether Abreu should play this season for the Zips. One is that he went through the judicial process and should be free to move on with his life and basketball career. The other is that, well, he pleaded guilty to a felony. Everyone from the university to the athletic department to Keith Dambrot to the players will have a say in whether Abreu returns which means a lot of things will have to go right for Abreu.

There will be a rush to compare this situation to Quincy Diggs, who missed last season due to a suspension, but is expected to return this upcoming season. However, the comparison is inept as Quincy Diggs never faced any criminal charges and the suspension was for a violation of university rules.

For Akron fans, they will have to continue to take a wait and see approach before the university and the athletic department make a final decision on the status of Alex Abreu.


Alex Abreu Friday morning update

The news isn't any more jarring this morning, but at least we know a little bit more about what happened. Per the ABJ, Abreu and 18*-year-old Austin Durgala, who self-identifies as a white rapper" on YouTube, were charged with two third-degree felonies: possession of marijuana (five pounds of it) and marijuana trafficking.

(The ABJ and other sources are saying he's 18 years old; the Summit County Jail website lists Durgala as 21.)

A package en route to their apartment was identified by a K-9 unit to contain drugs, so police delivered the package undercover, then arrested the two when they accepted it.

Also, we found Abreu's mug shot on the Summit County website, as well as the court case and charges against him.

In terms of Zips fans, there's been a stark contrast in attitude. 24 hours ago, they were unafraid of any team and ready to be discussed nationally. Now they seem to be in a "we shall overcome" mentality — and I am purely going by what the Zips MBB Twitter account is retweeting.


Alex Abreu Replacements for the Zips

Alex Abreu is facing an indefinite suspension and Akron may need to move forward without their star point guard. A number of players will need to step up for Akron to win the MAC tournament.


Akron PG Alex Abreu arrested, suspended

The Zips point guard was jailed for some pretty serious charges, and Akron's dream basketball season hangs in the balance.

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