Final weekend series: Day 3


An update around the MAC: We've found ourselves eight teams that will be playing Wednesday in Avon, Ohio. NIU crowned MAC West Champs and Kent State is the regular season MAC Champs.

Seed Team W L GB Playoff
1 Kent St 20 7 - -
2 Buffalo 19 7 0.5 -
3 NIU 16 11 4.0 -
4 Ball State 15 12 5.0 -
5 Miami 14 13 6.0 -
6 Bowling Green 13 14 7.0 -
7 Toledo 13 14 7.0 -
8 Central Michigan 12 15 8.0 -
9 Eastern Michigan 12 15 8.0 x
10 Akron 10 17 10.0 x
11 Ohio 8 18 11.5 x
12 Western Michigan 8 19 12.0 x

Buffalo at BGSU

Game 1: UB wins 10-4

Game 2: UB wins 4-3

Game 3: BGSU wins 5-4

The Falcons stop the sweep in walk-off fashion. Down by 4 runs at the very start of the game, BGSU scored the winning run off a walkoff triple by Pat Lancaster. Buffalo will have to settle as being a 2-seed as BGSU will be the 6th.


Game 1: WMU wins 6-4

Game 2: CMU wins 5-3

Game 3: CMU wins 9-2

A huge clutch win for the Chips. Since EMU lost their game as well, the Maroon and Gold will move on to play the top-seeded Kent State on Wednesday.

Toledo at EMU

Game 1: Toledo wins 4-0

Game 2: EMU wins 10-4

Game 3: Toledo wins 6-5

Toledo wins the series but loses the tiebreaker to rivaled Bowling Green. Toledo will be the 7th seed and Eastern Michigan was sent home in a very tight race to the finish.

NIU at Ball St

Game 1: Ball State wins 3-2

Game 2: Ball State wins 14-3

Game 3: NIU wins 6-4 (10 innings)

*NIU- MAC West Champs*

The Huskies prevented the sweep and are now MAC West champions. Earning the 3rd seed in the tournament is the highest in school history.

Kent St at Akron

Game 1: Kent State wins 5-4 (17 innings)

Game 2: Kent State wins 4-3

Game 3: Kent State wins 4-1

*Kent St- MAC Champs*

The Golden Flashes have now become either MAC regular season or tournament champions in 13 of the last 14 years. They have also won the MAC East title in seven of their last eight years. KSU and their MAC baseball dynasty is actually pretty remarkable.

Ohio at Miami

Game 1: Miami wins 12-7

Game 2: Miami wins 13-6

Game 3: Ohio wins 7-3
The Red Hawks could've been the 4-seed with a win here, but they'll have their shot against Ball State next week. Don't you hate when teams that have not place in the playoffs just get in the way of things?


A whole lot of baseball to be played from Wednesday through Saturday amongst these eight schools. It'll start at 9 am on the 22nd at the All- Pro Freight Stadium in Avon, Ohio. All games will be streaming online and you'll be able to see a rematch of last year's championship matchup on Wednesday.

G1: (5) Miami @ (4) Ball State - 9 am
G2: (6) BGSU @ (3) NIU - 12:30 pm
G3: (7) Toledo @ (2) Buffalo - 4 pm
G4: (8) CMU @ (1) Kent St- 7:30 pm

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