Ohio Gets Demolished By Louisville, 49-7

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Louisville Cardinals made the Bobcats look like child's play in a Sunday afternoon romp.

The Cardinals scored early. The Cardinals scored often. Teddy Bridgewater tore apart an Ohio defense to the tune of 49 points. Ohio managed seven, with their only score coming on a 10-yard scamper by Ryan Boykin with 1:21 remaining in the third quarter.

Humble star Teddy Bridgewater cut through the Ohio defense, completing 23 of 28 passed, for five touchdowns and one interception, with Ohio's Xavier Hughes providing one of the only bright spots of the day in that instant.

The Cardinal offense was nearly unstoppable from the first snap of the game. Coach Charlie Strong's squad picked up 615 yards compared to Ohio's 273. Louisville threw for 416 yards through the air, while the Frank Solich's group struggled to pick up the 192 that they did. From early on, Ohio showcased a conservative, run-heavy, screen and flair oriented "attack." Not that I'd say offensive coordinator Tim Albin's play selection the best example of what one might call an "attack."

On that previously mentioned first drive, Louisville ran eight plays with six of them being pass plays. Bridgewater connected on all six, with the drive culminating in a wide-open 34-yard touchdown pass to Damian Copeland. It was off to the races from there, with Louisville scoring on drives of 75, 55, 86, 80, 68, 82, and 74.

Copeland caught another touchdown from Bridgewater a few minutes later and was one of five Cardinal players to score on the day.

Ohio struggled from the get-go, and managed only 11 yards in the first quarter. Star running back and Doak Walker candidate Beau Blankenship only gained 22 yards on 12 carries. Senior backup Ryan Boykin ran for 39 yards on seven carries in addition to his touchdown.

Tyler Tettleton struggled to ease the Bobcats into a rhythm, with Louisville defensive linemen in his face all day. As a result, the offense resorted to quick flares and swing passes for much of the afternoon. Tettleton went 11 of 23 passing for 140 yards.

Looking for any bright spots for the Bobcats: well, they did finish with only two penalties on the day. One could attribute this to being timid though.

The bad news would not stop even after the game. Senior Linebacker Keith Moore went down early in the game and was ruled out for the rest of the game. After the loss, Moore was seen walking around in a walking boot.

There is word floating around that the Bobcats may have lost two lineman, Sam Johnson and John Lechner, for the season after both went down throughout the game.

In the end, it is pretty difficult to beat teams that put up drives like this all day (Stats Courtesy of ESPN).

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