Ball State spoils an Eastern Michigan homecoming.

When you give up 27 points in the first quarter, it's not easy to come back from, especially when those 27 points are good enough to put your opponent away for the whole game.

This was just another display of poor tackling by the Ron English-led Eastern Michigan defense. Letting up 258 offensive yards, Ball State totaled 543 yards off of 68 snaps. Eastern Michigan also had nine penalties against them, costing them 81 yards.

He didn't find his way into the end zone at all, but Willie Snead had the most receptions (9) and receiving yards (175) of the game. His teammate Jordan Williams, however, had two touchdowns in the second quarter.

In what could have been a really good quarterback battle between Keith Wenning and Tyler Benz, this was more of a one-sided affair favoring the Cardinals. Wenning threw for 317 yards with a pair of touchdowns while Benz threw for 212 yards with only one touchdown and a pair of interceptions.

Bronson Hill also got over his speed bump, making his second 100-yard rushing performance for the season. He had 21 carries for 126 yards with a long of 35.

Ball State is now 3-1 while the Eagles fall to 1-3 in their first in-conference game.

School 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q Final
Ball State 27 7 17 0 51
Eastern Michigan 6 7 7 0 20

Scoring plays:

3rd quarter-

13:09: Scott Secor makes 35-yard field goal. (Ball State 37-13).

12:08: Dustin Creel 24-yard receiving TD from Tyler Benz. PAT good. (Ball State 37-20).

10:51: Jahwan Edwards 10-yard rushing TD. PAT good. (Ball State 44-20).

3:16: Jahwan Edwards 3-yard rushing TD. PAT good. (Ball State 51-20).

4th quarter-




(Ball State) Wenning: 17/28. 317 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, 0 Sack.

(EMU) Benz: 20/32. 212 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, 3 Sack


(Ball State) Edwards: 15 rush, 81 yards, 3 TD.

(EMU) Hill: 21 rush, 126 yards, 0 TD.


(Ball State) Williams: 4 rec., 105 yards, 2 TD.

(EMU) Creel: 5 rec., 60 yards, 1 TD.

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