Dear EMU Fans, Students, Alumni, and Everybody Else: Where's Your Pride?

Glenn Bryant says, "Get up, Eagle Nation!" - Andrew Mascharka

Fewer than 400 people showed up to Eastern Michigan's postseason tournament game. Glenn Bryant showed his frustrations via Twitter. Thanks for being my spark plug, because I've been holding back on this blog post for way too long. Time to let loose.

Dear EMU fans,

The faithful ones, especially: thank you. I get how hard it is to be optimistic of the teams in Ypsi. Especially when everything in the world has to revolve around football, basketball and football. It's pretty obvious that we haven't seen a lot of success in the fall, but basketball hasn't been too bad, right? If anything, basketball has been really freaking exciting. So to the few faithful, I commend you for rolling through the punches.

Dear Students,

Where the hell do you all hide? You knew damn well there was a game Tuesday night. All of the students received an email on Monday, the day before EMU's opening round of the Tournament, giving every single student the notice that there's a postseason game in your own house and you better show up. You're not being threatened, but you're being invited to the biggest party in Ypsilanti, and it's not on Normal street, it's in the student section with the rest of Eagle Nation.


(Editor's note: Just in case you're still denying that email exists, here's a screenshot of it for you. Maybe you should hop off Tinder and actually check your account once in awhile)

It was probably your last opportunity to see Glenn Bryant, along with four other seniors, don the Green and White in Ypsilanti and do what they love most. This isn't just your college experience you're screwing yourself out of, but you're screwing them out of an experience they've all dreamt of ever since they were little kids.

If you've got a job, that's cool. If you have to take care of family, that's also cool. If you have a night class, that sucks but that's understandable. But 373? That's it? That's not 373 students, that's 373 fans. You can't tell me a public university with over 20,000 students and they were all at work, with the family or in class. The excuses need to stop. Witness something great for once.

Be proud of the school you go to. Bleed Green and be proud to announce it. Don't admit it, announce it. If you can't do that, then shame on you.

Dear Alumni,

The school mascot is the Eagles. It has been that way for about two decades. We're not the Hurons anymore. We haven't been the Normalites in God knows how long. Quit crying over the name change already. Seriously. It's annoying.

If you're an alum, then you have a degree from Eastern Michigan University (or Michigan State Normal College if you're old as dirt. But chances are, nobody with a degree that says that knows how to turn on the Google on their computers, but I digress). It says "Eastern Michigan University", not "Ypsilanti Hurons State College", or "LALALA NOT THE EAGLES LALALALA COMMUNITY COLLEGE" or even "But I Live In Ann Arbor University", it says nothing about the mascot, or the school you wish you would've gotten into.

I'm too ticked off to go find the stat, but how many EMU grads live within 30 miles of Ypsilanti? I'm fairly certain it's a very high percentage. Don't act like catching up on last night's season finale of How I Met Your Mother is more exciting than going to the sporting events you regret not going to.

Did everybody have an awesome time at college? The sad truth is: no. Would the experience have been better if you would've gone to the games? After being a fan throughout the Ron English era, I can confirm that the answer is: abso-freaking-loutely.

To not be proud of the school you went to and show pride in that degree of your's that's hanging up in your office area, shame on you.


Students and alumni belong in this discussion. I have a question: what the hell are you all doing wearing other school's apparel at the wrong venue? Maize and Blue shirts in Ypsi. Green and White (the Michigan State blend) in Mt. Pleasant. Scarlet and Grey in Bowling Green. What are you all doing? Do you not think twice before you leave the house?


Wolvereagles don't exist.

More ranting,

Glenn Bryant is not the only one that's pissed off.

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