2014 NFL Draft Live: Day 2 TV, Streaming, Draft Order And More


The 2014 NFL Draft continues tonight with the second and third rounds. Picks will begin one hour earlier than last night, at 7:00 p.m. EST. Here's how you can catch all the action.

Hot on the heels of a riveting four-hour first round, the 2014 NFL Draft will resume with the second and third rounds on Friday night at 7:00 p.m. EST.

These rounds are often where the most important action takes place.  These are picks that can make a draft wildly successful or flat-out terrible.  You're likely to see several trades as teams jockey for position with players remaining at the top of their respective draft boards.

The action will also be much faster and more furious.  The time allotted between picks is cut in half, and teams will only have five minutes to make decisions.  Given the importance of these picks, is it possible a team could get indecisive and run out of time before making a selection?  Probably not, but the possibility is an intriguing reason to follow Friday night's picks.

Here's a breakdown of the order of picks in the second and third rounds:

2014 NFL Draft 2nd and 3rd Round Pick Order

Round 2 Round 3
1 (33) Houston Texans 1 (65) Houston Texans
2 (34) Washington Redskins 2 (66) Washington Redskins
3 (35) Cleveland Browns 3 (67) Oakland Raiders
4 (36) Oakland Raiders 4 (68) Atlanta Falcons
5 (37) Atlanta Falcons 5 (69) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
6 (38) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6 (70) Jacksonville Jaguars
7 (39) Jacksonville Jaguars 7 (71) Cleveland Browns
8 (40) Seattle Seahawks (from MIN) 8 (72) Minnesota Vikings
9 (41) Buffalo Bills 9 &73) Buffalo Bills
10 (42) Tennessee Titans 10 (74) New York Giants
11 (43) New York Giants 11 (75) St. Louis Rams
12 (44) St. Louis Rams 12 (76) Detroit Lions
13 (45) Detroit Lions 13 (77) San Francisco 49ers (from TEN)
14 (46) Pittsburgh Steelers 14 (78) Dallas Cowboys
15 (47) Dallas Cowboys 15 (79) Baltimore Ravens
16 (48) Baltimore Ravens 16 (80) New York Jets
17 (49) New York Jets 17 (81) Miami Dolphins
18 (50) Miami Dolphins 18 (82) Chicago Bears
19 (51) Chicago Bears 19 (83) Philadelphia Eagles (from PIT thru CLE)
20 (52) Arizona Cardinals 20 (84) Arizona Cardinals
21 (53) Green Bay Packers 21 (85) Green Bay Packers
22 (54) Philadelphia Eagles 22 (86) Philadelphia Eagles
23 (55) Cincinnati Bengals 23 (87) Kansas City Chiefs
24 (56) San Francisco 49ers (from KC) 24 (88) Cincinnati Bengals
25 (57) San Diego Chargers 25 (89) San Diego Chargers
26 (58) New Orleans Saints 26 (90) Indianapolis Colts
27 (59) Indianapolis Colts 27 (91) Arizona Cardinals (from NO)
28 (60) Carolina Panthers 28 (92) Carolina Panthers
29 (61) San Francisco 49ers 29 (93) New England Patriots
30 (62) New England Patriots 30 (94) San Francisco 49ers
31 (63) Denver Broncos 31 (95) Denver Broncos
32 (64) Seattle Seahawks 32 (96) Minnesota Vikings (from SEA)
33 (97) Pittsburgh Steelers (compensatory)
34 (98) Green Bay Packers (compensatory)
35 (99) Baltimore Ravens (compensatory)
36 (100) San Francisco 49ers (compensatory)

In our "How To Watch" post yesterday, we noted how the MAC had not posted multiple first round picks since Ben Roethlisberger and Jason Babin did it in 2004.  That streak without two first-round picks is finally over after 10 years.  Khalil Mack was picked fifth overall by the Oakland Raiders after being jilted in favor of a quarterback by Jacksonville.  We had to wait 25 more picks, but former Northern Illinois safety Jimmie Ward was drafted 30th overall by San Francisco.

Today's action should include more selections from the MAC.  The primary player to watch out for is running back Dri Archer.  He could fill a multi-dimensional role for a number of teams and could have his name called at any time.  The other player to really watch out for is Ball State defensive end Jonathan Newsome.  He's a very strong candidate to be the next MAC defensive player drafted.

Outside of Archer and Newsome, some names to be aware of toward the tail end of the third round include the two MAC quarterbacks (Keith Wenning, Jordan Lynch), as well as running back David Fluellen and wide receiver Willie Snead.  All of those players are probably destined to have their name called on Day 3 of the draft, but a surprise is certainly possible, particularly if there is another run on quarterbacks.

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