EMU is Getting Gray Turf? I'd Rather Have Something Else

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Like, seriously. Gray turf?

According to the Detroit Free Press and rumors afloat on Twitter, Eastern Michigan will be announcing that they are replacing the already-placed normal and coincidentally school color matching green turf with a gray turf that would match the new trim color that they have going for themselves.

First thing that comes to mind: "...what the hell?"

Granted, we could all be wrong, and I hope we are.

Boise State switched to blue turf in 1986, which ended up looking really cool with their matching blue uniforms, and even cooler if you added in all of the fans that wore blue jerseys and t-shirts. Eastern Washington would later switch to red to match their red uniforms, and (my personal favorite) the University of Central Arkansas got all sweet with their grey and purple turf.

But just an all gray turf? Have you ever seen a school do this before? No. And there's a good reason for that: it doesn't look sexy.

I had to pay some girl at work $10 to take my shift when I found out there was going to be a press conference this afternoon. For $10, I was hoping (still hoping I'm wrong*) that the press conference would be for something else. I was sort of hoping for:

-Removing the track from Rynearson & installing new seats to be closer to the field.

-Renovations to the weight rooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, all that other cool stuff.

-New HD lights to be installed at the stadium.

-New uniforms (again) and/or new helmets (again).

-Kanye West will be performing at the halftime performance of the game against Central Michigan.

-If we're doing the gray turf thing, let's do it like Central Arkansas.

-Beer will finally be sold inside the stadium. Listen, we've earned it.

-They are bringing back the "Road Warriors" theme from 1987.

-Lou Holth cominth thoo Eathtern Mithigan thoo athitht Coath Creithon in hith haffth thime sthpeecth. (sorry for the saliva)

Whatever they announce this afternoon, it'll probably be a good thing that it won't be the front porch of the program.

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