Belt Loops: The Dogs Days Of Summer Are Not Nearly Over

Guys Look! Cute Dogs! - David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

With summer comes lots of boring days, NBA Free Agency, debating rule changes for sports out of season. Baseball is here, but the World Cup is gone. What do we do?

So the World Cup is over and baseball has just passed the halfway point, but we're starving for some MACtion! So much so that we're coming up with all kinds of lists and junk to satisfy our hungry MACpettites. Okay that was horrendous, I won't try and combine two works like that again.

Well, the dog days are. With Mid-American Conference football 42 days away from play, we have nothing but cute videos of dogs to keep us from slowly going insane. (Heads up, I've watched that video like 20 times). I could have watched it numerous more times over the last couple of days if it weren't for Time Warner's crappy internet service. On a related note, Rupert Murdoch wants to buy Time Warner. I just hate the thought of big corporate media entities like these merging.

Congrats to Matt Johnson who was named to the watch list for the O'Brien Award.

Oh right. Back to the dogs.

Wanna cry? Here you go.

Dog? Meet Baby. Enjoy.

Take advantage of Bark In The Park days. Guys I want a bulldog puppy.

Switching gears entirely, one of the most interesting things to come out of NBA free agency to me has been the prolific nature of Adrian Wojnarowski's reporting. The guy is on top of things. Does he sleep? Does he have time for eating? He truly is unreal. Just look at his twitter timeline. He spends more time on this than P.J. Fleck spends on the recruiting trail.

In other random news, Thor is set to be a woman in the Marvel comics. If you don't think that's cool, I don't know what's up with you. More female representation in comics is necessary and beneficial to young minds. I say hell yeah!

Just a reminder: puppies.

Also: the ESPYs were last night. But who was really paying attention to that anyway?

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