Ranking All 16 MAC Championship Games

A list ranking all 16 MAC Championship games from worst to best, in preparation for Friday night's showdown between NIU and BGSU.

Battle of I-75: Great Rivalry Or Greatest Rivalry

The Bowling Green Falcons welcome Toledo into Doyt Perry for the Battle of I-75. Is this the best rivalry in the MAC?

Old Rubber Bowl Contents To Be Auctioned Off

On Saturday Witchey's Auction Services will be auctioning off items from the old Rubber Bowl. Let's take a look at some of these glamorous items.

Bowling Green Football Wants to Welcome You to 'The Good Life'


Fresh off an embarrassing stomping at the feet of the Indiana Hoosiers the Bowling Green Falcons want to remind you that BG Football is good. To do so they've enlisted the help of one MR. Kanye West, circa 2007. In a masterful blend of Yeezy and Falcons highlights you almost forget the fact that Bowling Green was dismantled by the Hoosiers last week...almost. Even Kanye isn't that good.

CMU Has Crisp New Throwbacks For Saturday's Game


The Chippewas season might not look too great right now, but that won't be the case for the players themselves come Saturday thanks to some crisp throwback uniforms.

Ohio University Marching 110 know what "The Fox" s


Ho hum, just another week for the MAC's most plugged-in, in-touch marching band.

MAC QB Twitter Power Rankings


Because everyone knows the most important stat about your quarterback is how many people follow him on Twitter.

Lynch, Tettleton Among "Hottest" College Players


This is not a joke.

This sportscaster makes Ohio's blowout loss to Louisville palatable


This, my friends, is journalism at its finest. Adam Lefkoe of WHAS-Louisville inserted the names of at least 31 professional wrestlers while describing how Teddy Bridgewater tore apart the Bobcats on Sunday. (H/T to Deadspin for this)

Athlon Sports Names @HustleBelt To It's List OF 100 Twitter Accounts Every College Football Fan Should Follow


Well isn't this neat. Athlon Sports compiled a list of the 100 Twitter accounts every college football fan should follow, and guess who made the cut? @HustleBelt, that's who! Nestled about two-thirds of the way down the page, in the Regional Interest section, squeezed in between No. 94 @GBHunting and @cuppycup and No. 96 @Miller_Dave is the most important follow on this entire list: Us! H/t Matt Sussman (MACtion demigod, follow him @suss2hyphens)

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