MAC Football

AAC Unlikely To Extend UMass Membership

According to the AAC's commissioner the league doesn't have any plans to expand past its 12-member set up that will go into effect in 2015. This isn't good news for a Minutemen team with limited prospects.

UMass is Leaving: What's Next For Minutemen?

When the UMass Minutemen leave the MAC after the 2015-16 season, they will be doing so as a four-year-old FBS program that has taken its lumps and learned its lessons.

Northwestern's Union: We've Got Answers

Hustle Belt takes a look at today's decision holding that Northwestern football players have the right to vote to join a union, and explains what it might mean for the MAC, athletes from other sports, and the guy who plays Zippy the Zip.

How Does UMass Leaving Impact the MAC?

UMass is officially out after 2015, which could be good or bad news for the Minutemen, but what doess it mean for the future of the MAC?

UMass Out of MAC After 2015 Season

The MAC could be down to 12 football schools after the 2015 season. According to a release from both the MAC and UMass the Minutemen are leaving the conference after the 2015 season.

QB or not QB: The Jordan Lynch Question

Jordan Lynch was one of the most explosive collegiate quarterbacks ever. But if he's to continue his football career, will he need to make a change to a new position?

2014 NFL Mock Draft Roundup

Could the MAC produce a number one overall pick for the second consecutive year?

Majority of Fans Oppose Paying NCAA Athletes According to New Poll

While the tone of the sports media may have taken a dramatic shift for mostly in favor of paying student athletes it appears the public doesn't feel the same way. In a new poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News it turns out that 64 percent of the public oppose the idea. 47 percent strongly oppose.

Pete Lembo Inks Extension at Ball State

Ball State football head coach Pete Lembo signed a five-year contract extension with the Cardinals Thursday.

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