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Combine Day 3 Recap: Khalil Mack Wins the Day

After Monday's performances a pair of MAC defensive players could hear their names called much sooner than originally expected, especially former Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack who backed up his impressive resume with an equally impressive day in Ind

Combine Open Thread

Release the Macken!

Khalil Mack Out To Prove NFL Draft Expert Mike Mayock Right

Khalil Mack is a fantastic player. The former Buffalo linebacker tore his way through Buffalo, MAC and NCAA career records this season, and is widely projected to be a Top 10, possibly even a Top 5 pick come May. In fact, one Draft expert believes Mack has the stuff to be the No. 1 overall pick. NFL Network Draft analyst Mike Mayock is a fan of Mack, and while we typically here plenty of stories about how players are out to "prove them haterz wrong" this time of year, Mack it seems is on a different sort of mission; a mission to prove Mayock right. (h/t USA Today, as in, give the article a read.)

PRESENTED BY 733062479_gillette_stb_black

Khalil Mack 2014 NFL Draft scouting report

Analyzing the MAC's latest top pick and the most complete linebacker in the draft.

Dri Archer Shines At Day Two Of NFL Combine

Dri Archer talked about breaking Chris Johnson's Combine record of 4.24 in the 40-yard dash. He didn't quite break it, but he came very, very close.

Dri Archer Nearly Breaks NFL Combine Record for 40-Yard Dash

Dri Archer came into the 2014 NFL Combine with a goal of breaking Chris Johnson's record time in the 40-yard dash. The time to beat was 4.24 seconds, and Archer almost made good on his goal.

In his first run, he clocked an unofficial time of 4.29 seconds. His second run was even better (4.28 seconds). When the official numbers were announced, his best time was revised to 4.26.

That's right -- Dri Archer was just two one-hundredths of a second slower than Chris Johnson.

The video speaks for itself (and includes both of his runs), but there are two more you need to see.

First, NFL Network compared Archer's run against that of Marquise Goodwin, last year's champ in the 40. To do this, they "simulcast" the two runs, one on top of the other.

Second, NFL Network released a video about Archer's overall performance, with some views of him in the other drills.

You certainly can't say that they're not going him (and the MAC) his due publicity.

As for Chris Johnson, he tweeted about Archer...

Can't lie archer had the boi nervous

— Chris Johnson (@ChrisJohnson28) February 23, 2014

2014 NFL Combine: Day One MAC Recap

We've got a status update on Massachusetts tight end Rob Blanchflower. Unfortunately, it's not the most positive news one would want from the NFL Combine.

2014 NFL Combine: A MAC Primer

The NFL Combine is underway, but the meat-and-potatoes of the event really begins on Saturday. Find out what you need to know about the MAC participants at this year's Combine right here.

Who Had the Best D-Line In the MAC In 2013?

The MAC isn't known for imposing defense, and by and large advanced statistics show that was true for the Conference's defensive lines in 2013...but Holy Toledo were the Rockets good at terrorizing quarterbacks.

Who Had the Best O-Line In the MAC In 2013?

We hardly ever pay attention to the big hogs up front, so how do we really know who had the best offensive line units in the MAC? By using some advanced statistics! Get your calculators and thinking caps out, we're going to school.

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