Majority of Fans Oppose Paying NCAA Athletes According to New Poll

While the tone of the sports media may have taken a dramatic shift for mostly in favor of paying student athletes it appears the public doesn't feel the same way. In a new poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News it turns out that 64 percent of the public oppose the idea. 47 percent strongly oppose.

UMass Basketball Spoofs 'Full House'

Tyler Bergantino is back with his friends from the UMass Minutemen basketball team as they spoof the opening of "Full House." Safe to say: Tyler Bergantino is the man.

Presenting the Directional Michigan University Mascot


Jason Kirk over at SB Nation came up with the brilliant idea of smashing the three directional Michigan's together and forming one MAC superpower: Directional Michigan University, or DMU.

While he came up with most of the logistics of this hypothetical super MAC team, he forgot to come up with a mascot. Combining the best parts of the three school's mascots we came up with this (sorry CMU fans, you don't get to bring any of the Chippewa mascot over, because you know, racism). What shall we name him?

Ron English at the Oscars


What movie did Ron English work with to be nominated for an Academy Award in the first place? "12 Games a Loser"? "The Shitbird of Hewitt Road"? "Jackass Presents: Bad Football Coach"?

Buffalo picks up big man Ikenna Smart

Bobby Hurley picked up his fourth commitment for next year in Ikenna Smart, a 6'10" center from Greensboro, North Carolina. Smart averages a double double, scoring thirteen points and grabbing thirteen rebounds per game. He didn't have many other offers but had interest from Drexel, Longwood and Presbyterian. Hurley's other commitments include top-100 point guard Lamontre Bearden, shooting guard Mory Diane and center Raheem Johnson. The Bulls will have one more scholarship to fill after the graduation of Jarod Oldham, Javon McCrea, Josh Freelove, Auraum Nuiriankh, and Corey Raley-Ross.

Allen Roberts Quits on Penn State, Surprising No One

In news that should surprise absolutely no one, former Miami RedHawk Allen Roberts has quit the Penn State basketball team following a decrease in playing time. (Recall, this is the same guy who talked about throwing all his Miami gear in the dumpster when he graduated, because he wasn't happy with his role in John Cooper's system.)

Khalil Mack Out To Prove NFL Draft Expert Mike Mayock Right

Khalil Mack is a fantastic player. The former Buffalo linebacker tore his way through Buffalo, MAC and NCAA career records this season, and is widely projected to be a Top 10, possibly even a Top 5 pick come May. In fact, one Draft expert believes Mack has the stuff to be the No. 1 overall pick. NFL Network Draft analyst Mike Mayock is a fan of Mack, and while we typically here plenty of stories about how players are out to "prove them haterz wrong" this time of year, Mack it seems is on a different sort of mission; a mission to prove Mayock right. (h/t USA Today, as in, give the article a read.)

Dri Archer Nearly Breaks NFL Combine Record for 40-Yard Dash

Dri Archer came into the 2014 NFL Combine with a goal of breaking Chris Johnson's record time in the 40-yard dash. The time to beat was 4.24 seconds, and Archer almost made good on his goal.

In his first run, he clocked an unofficial time of 4.29 seconds. His second run was even better (4.28 seconds). When the official numbers were announced, his best time was revised to 4.26.

That's right -- Dri Archer was just two one-hundredths of a second slower than Chris Johnson.

The video speaks for itself (and includes both of his runs), but there are two more you need to see.

First, NFL Network compared Archer's run against that of Marquise Goodwin, last year's champ in the 40. To do this, they "simulcast" the two runs, one on top of the other.

Second, NFL Network released a video about Archer's overall performance, with some views of him in the other drills.

You certainly can't say that they're not going him (and the MAC) his due publicity.

As for Chris Johnson, he tweeted about Archer...

Can't lie archer had the boi nervous

— Chris Johnson (@ChrisJohnson28) February 23, 2014

Bowling Green To Play Outdoor Game In Toledo

Welcome to the outdoor party BG! After Miami played at Soldier Field last season, and Western Michigan played in the Great Lakes Invitational at Comerica Park this year, Bowling Green will play an outdoor game against Robert Morris next January. As the article from USCHO states, this will be part of the Toledo Walleye's Winterfest, so they aren't the headline like Miami was, but they'll still be part of one of the growing trends in all of hockey.

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