Akron Unveils New White Helmets


The Akron Zips aren't just getting new Gold helmets this fall, they'll also be rocking these new white ones, per head coach Terry Bowden.

Buffalo's 2014 schedule posters are pretty neat


You really want me to hang this up on my fridge? Screw that, I feel like I'd get my ass kicked if I wanted a glass of milk. Jake Stockman's got some biceps. (h/t @UBAthletics)

Ohio Recruiting Image Asks Recruits To See Ohio Football For Themselves


We keep hearing about all the different ways in which college football teams are recruiting plays (ESPN The Magazine covers, mock ups of the recruit shaking Roger Goodell's hand as a future first round pick, etc.). For smaller schools, those outrageous tactics might now work, but with a campus as beautiful as Ohio's, they've found a unique way of appealing to recruits as well. H/t to @OhioCoachGeorge)

Another Look At Ball State's Black Uniforms


Here's a better shot of how the alternative uniforms now look with those matte black beauties up top. Oh, and these aren't for black out games, they're for shining.

Akron Football Has New Uniforms


It's like, I get it, but I don't get it. Oh well, the Zips needed new unis, and a tweet by Terry Bowden is a fitting presentation for how these turned out.

Here's a Mockup Of EMU's New Gray Turf


Yep, it's gray. Boring ass gray. (Special thanks to Alex Alvarado for attending)

EMU's Getting Gray Turf, WMU Should Scrap Turf Alltogeher


Since EMU is getting new gray turf, their rivals, the WMU Broncos should seize the moment and update their playing surface altogether. Since brown turf sounds awful, I propose the Broncos fully embrace the "Row the Boat" lifestyle and dig out the playing surface to form a pond. They can even fill the pond with those deadly "nekton" sharks they're always going on about. Talk about a home field advantage.

We've Been Verified on Facebook!


Did you know we're on Facebook? If you didn't you better remedy that (, because we've just been verified on creppy social network! now if only Twitter would get on the #VerifyTheBelt bandwagon. Peer pressure, little bird, peer pressure!

#MACtion App, Coming to a Smartphone App Store Near You (In Your Pocket, Probably)


Per Jeremy Guy's tweet, we'll get to have a #MACtion app to download onto our phones by July 1. They're still testing it out, but we're gonna have an app!

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