#MACtion App, Coming to a Smartphone App Store Near You (In Your Pocket, Probably)


Per Jeremy Guy's tweet, we'll get to have a #MACtion app to download onto our phones by July 1. They're still testing it out, but we're gonna have an app!

Team Sends Birthday Wishes to Demarius Reed


Cute stuff. Sad, but cute. Really cool thing for this team to do, especially when coach Creighton never met the kid, but he knew how much he meant to this team.

What Is Going On With WMU Football Coaches' Business Cards?


The Bronco coaches have an ELITE selection of business cards. @footballscoop @ESPNCFB #CollectThemAll #RTB

— WMU Football (@WMU_Football) June 10, 2014 Two observations: 1-The heart is a bit odd. 2-These are neat and all, but they've got to be a bitch to actually get printed. I'd hate to know what the budget for business cards is at WMU.

Even Akron's Baseball Stadium Looks Nicer Than Yours


Yet the JAR may be the worst basketball arena in the MAC. Yeah, I don't get it.

Bowling Green's 2014 MAC Football Championship Rings


Bowling Green got their 2014 MAC Championship rings today after the spring game. For a team whose colors are orange and brown these are incredibly classy looking.

Pretty cool remembering @BG_Football's MAC Championship after today's spring game #WeAreBG

— Scott Swegan (@ScottSwegan) April 6, 2014

Terry Bowden Shows Off Potential New Akron Uniforms


Terry Bowden's first tweet was an interesting one. Following the leaked photos of Akron's new gold helmets Bowden offered a full look at the Zips potential new digs for next season.

Maybe a uniform option for the zips this year? #GoZips

— Terry Bowden (@TerryBowden) April 1, 2014

Presenting the Directional Michigan University Mascot


Jason Kirk over at SB Nation came up with the brilliant idea of smashing the three directional Michigan's together and forming one MAC superpower: Directional Michigan University, or DMU.

While he came up with most of the logistics of this hypothetical super MAC team, he forgot to come up with a mascot. Combining the best parts of the three school's mascots we came up with this (sorry CMU fans, you don't get to bring any of the Chippewa mascot over, because you know, racism). What shall we name him?

Ron English at the Oscars


What movie did Ron English work with to be nominated for an Academy Award in the first place? "12 Games a Loser"? "The Shitbird of Hewitt Road"? "Jackass Presents: Bad Football Coach"?

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