Bowling Green's Matt Johnson gives Northern Illinois the shovel


NIU will need to overcome long odds to avoid their first loss of 2013.

Jordan Lynch gonna Jordan Lynch


NIU's going to need more of that if they want to win another MAC Championship.

Bowling Green's Ronnie Moore doing man-sized things against NIU


The very next play led to a touchdown. 17-7, Falcons. NIU facing a serious challenge this evening.

Where Does Jordan Lynch Stand In The Heisman Race?


The 2013 college football regular season came to a close Saturday night, which means the Heisman race got a little clearer. AJ McCarron lost Saturday night, and Andre Williams got hurt tossing a wrench into the race. To make things simpler, I took the liberty of updating the Heisman race standings with only the most pertinent information. You're welcome.

Derrick Gordon: Dream Chaser


The student radio station at UMass-Amhert, WUMA, broadcasts all of the Minutemen's home games. On Tuesday, they got to be a part of the action when Derrick Gordon flew over the table and took them out diving for a loose ball. Gotta love Mr. Gordon. Kudos to The Big Lead for the find

Jawon Chisholm Doesn't Like High Fives


Jawon Chisholm busted off a nice 65-yard run in the second quarter today, and a nice security guard wanted to congratulate the Akron junior with a high five, but apparently Chisholm ain't having that. h/t @bubbaprog

UMass Football Will Wear Special Pink Helmets Against Miami (OH)


October is the month when every athlete on the planet finds a way to adorn themselves with something pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The UMass football team will be doing their part by wearing these trendy black and pink helmets for their matchup against Miami (OH) on Saturday.

Watch Alonzo Russell's One Handed Circus Catch


The Toledo Rockets out dueled CMU 38-17 yesterday flashing the offensive firepower that has made them so dangerous in the past. But of all the scoring that happened in the game, one touchdown stood out about the rest. Late in the second quarter, with the Rockets up 14-7, Toledo receiver Alonzo Russell pulled down this beauty of a catch. With a defender hanging from one arm Russell palms the ball in mid air and tucks it in one handed for the score, and simultaneously turned in one of the best plays of the day.

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