Bowling Green Football Wants to Welcome You to 'The Good Life'

Fresh off an embarrassing stomping at the feet of the Indiana Hoosiers the Bowling Green Falcons want to remind you that BG Football is good. To do so they've enlisted the help of one MR. Kanye West, circa 2007. In a masterful blend of Yeezy and Falcons highlights you almost forget the fact that Bowling Green was dismantled by the Hoosiers last week...almost. Even Kanye isn't that good.

P.J. Fleck Has a New Dance For You To Do During Games

P.J. Fleck is young. P.J. Fleck is hip. P.J. Fleck wants you to know that, so he's adding a gameday DJ into the fold during WMU home games. DJ Yo Mix, as he's referred to, will be on the 1s and 2s at Waldo stadium as an added component to the WMU marching band. Oh, and if that's not enough, Fleck is starting several knew traditions, including the playing of "For whom the bell tolls" when the defense faces a third down, complete with a complex fan motion. Oh, and don't worry..."Row the Boat" is heavily involved in this as well. At the beginning of the 4th quarter DJ Yo Mix is going to spin a funky remix of the nursery rhyme that Fleck wants the fans to get up and dance to. There's even an official dance that the head coach himself was performing at the 2:36 mark of the video. Basically, Fleck is determined to make WMU home games as fun as it is to say Kalamazoo. Row the Boat!

This sportscaster makes Ohio's blowout loss to Louisville palatable

This, my friends, is journalism at its finest. Adam Lefkoe of WHAS-Louisville inserted the names of at least 31 professional wrestlers while describing how Teddy Bridgewater tore apart the Bobcats on Sunday. (H/T to Deadspin for this)

Toledo Head Coach Matt Campbell Pulls Off A 'Cool' Prank On His Team

2013 Rockets: Ice Cream Man from Toledo Football Rockets Video on Vimeo.

Earlier this fall I heard a little story about Matt Campbell treating his team to ice cream after one of the practices. It seemed like a nice thing to do for team moral. But, I had no clue how he did it, until I saw this video. Campbell pulled off an awesome prank, that definitely is worth a watch.

Watch Chandler Harnish Bean Pam Oliver In The Face With A Tight Spiral

Chandler Harnish was an electrifying quarterback during his time in DeKalb. Known for his cannon arm, and a decent set of wheels, he was one of the best all-around quarterbacks the MAC has ever seen. Since he left DeKalb though, not much has been seen or heard of the now Colts backup quarterback. Well, at least we know all that time carrying a clipboard hasn't impacted his throwing ability.

Watch A Ball State Freshman Nail A Half-Court Shot For Free Tuition

Markus Burdun is off to a great start as a college student. On his first day at Ball State the freshman was randomly selected from the crowd of an event during Freshman Welcome Week Thursday evening. Burden was given the opportunity to win free tuition for a semester if he could nail a half-court shot. After three missed attempts, Burden nailed the fourth shot, earning nearly $12,000 in free tuition (he's an out-of-state student). Not bad for a first day of college. Don't worry kid, your first mid-term will bring you back down to earth.

Who knew football was so dramatic?

This 2013 Bowling Green football preview video might be the most dramatic thing I've ever witnessed.

What is #MACtion? Seems MAC players don't really know

The people over at the Mid-American conference decided to ask some of the stars of #MACtion, just exactly what that term means. The results are, uhm...uh...fascinating.

The WMU coaches might be crazy...

First, we saw that P.J. Fleck and his coaches walked across hot coals. Now, WMU Athletics has released an "inspirational" video showing Fleck and his staff walking on glass, breaking boards and snapping arrows with their necks. I don't know whether to be impressed or scared.

B1G coaches talking #MACtion

The fine folks over @MACSports caught up with some MAC coaching alumni at the B1G Media Day last week to talk about #MACtion.Hey B1G, STOP STEALING OUR COACHES!

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