Quick Recap of WMU's 5-4 Victory Over Miami In Hockey


Check it out! I do video too! Don't make fun of me. I suck I know. Anyways, Western Michigan stunned Miami in an exciting 5-4 victory that saw the Broncos score the game-winning goal short-handed with 8.2 seconds left. Neither team led by more than one goal and Frank Slubowski got the win in a rare relief appearance. NOTE: This interview was done for 1660 The Fan, who primarily cover Western Michigan, so it is a bit biased.

Listen To This Awful NIU-Themed Remix To "Return of the MACK"


NIU is playing in the Marathon MAC Championship game for the fourth consecutive season Friday, with a shot at a third straight title and another BCS bowl berth on the line. In the spirit of the big game some NIU fans decided to make a MAC Championship song about the Huskies fourth consecutive trip to Detroit.

Remixed to the tune of Mark Morrison's "Return of the MAC", the "Return to the MAC" song is a funky, awful, auto-tuned mess that's sure to get you pumped up for some MAC Football, aspirin and new eardrums.

With hard-hitting lyrics such as, "Just like that the cannon blew / Sims kicks it and it goes through" and "Jimmie Ward leads the defense / And Bishop does all the rest" the only way this song could sound any worse is if Diesel rapped the whole thing in a spit-fire cadence of barks. Actually, that might be better.

Just give it a listen for yourself, and be ready for "The Return to the MAC".

Jordan Lynch On The Dan Patrick Show


Dan Patrick loves himself some #MACtion, so after watching Jordan Lynch's record-breaking performance DP decided to have the talented QB on his show this morning. The pair talked Heisman voting, personnel grouping, and the just how good Lynch could be as a running back in the SEC.

WWE-themed Akron Hype Video


You thought Akron's Breaking Bad hype video versus Michigan could not be topped, but the video crew did it. Updated prediction: Akron 223 Ball State 0.

UMass Basketball: Get to Know Freshman Demetrius Dyson


The latest installment in UMass Basketball's Getting to Know... series is freshman Demetrius Dyson. The Tennessee native is one of the more intriguing prospects on the team and should be a fun player to watch grow over the next four years.

UMass Hockey Wants All 'Fans of Having Fun' to Come to Homecoming


The quote from defensemen Oleg Yevenko says it all. The UMass hockey team wants alumni to join them for Homecoming weekend and their home opener against Michigan State. But they don't just want alumni. No, the Minutemen are calling all "fans of having fun" to join them at the Mullins Center. I don't know about you, but I like having fun!

UMass Basketball: Get to Know Freshman Zach Coleman


Zach Coleman is the second UMass basketball freshman featured by the Minutemen in their Get to Know... Series. A 6-foot-7 small forward from Dallas, Texas, Coleman was a three-star combo forward coming out of high school. In this video, he talks about how Derek Kellogg and his staff visited him at 12:01am when recruiting opened, as well as who he has gotten along with. Also, he likes Carmelo Anthony.

Seth Berger kicks off UMass Basketball's "Get to Know" Series


Seth Berger is the first of UMass' incoming group of freshmen to be featured by the school's athletic department in its "Get to Know" Series. A 6-foot-7, 210-pound wing from Washington, Berger talks about his recruitment, the draw of UMass, and who he believes has his back on the team (SPOILER ALERT: it's more than one person).

Bowling Green Football Wants to Welcome You to 'The Good Life'


Fresh off an embarrassing stomping at the feet of the Indiana Hoosiers the Bowling Green Falcons want to remind you that BG Football is good. To do so they've enlisted the help of one MR. Kanye West, circa 2007. In a masterful blend of Yeezy and Falcons highlights you almost forget the fact that Bowling Green was dismantled by the Hoosiers last week...almost. Even Kanye isn't that good.

P.J. Fleck Has a New Dance For You To Do During Games


P.J. Fleck is young. P.J. Fleck is hip. P.J. Fleck wants you to know that, so he's adding a gameday DJ into the fold during WMU home games. DJ Yo Mix, as he's referred to, will be on the 1s and 2s at Waldo stadium as an added component to the WMU marching band. Oh, and if that's not enough, Fleck is starting several knew traditions, including the playing of "For whom the bell tolls" when the defense faces a third down, complete with a complex fan motion. Oh, and don't worry..."Row the Boat" is heavily involved in this as well. At the beginning of the 4th quarter DJ Yo Mix is going to spin a funky remix of the nursery rhyme that Fleck wants the fans to get up and dance to. There's even an official dance that the head coach himself was performing at the 2:36 mark of the video. Basically, Fleck is determined to make WMU home games as fun as it is to say Kalamazoo. Row the Boat!

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