Hustle Belt Men's Basketball Players of the Week: Week 7


This week's honors go out to an under-the-radar player who deserves some attention for his team's success, and to a certain do-it-all player who's been dominating opponents left and right.

East: Demetrius Treadwell, Akron

LW: Richaun Holmes, Bowling Green

Over 3 games Points Rebounds Assists FG% FT%
Demetrius Treadwell 64 34 8 58% 68%

Can we lay to rest the doubts from the first few weeks of the season? Since starting off 1-3 Akron has rattled off five straight wins, all over good competition. One of the main reasons? The man they call @Tall_Ass_Tree has been tearing it up. Through three wins this past week (Oral Roberts, Detroit, Oregon State) he averaged 21 points and 11 rebounds. But the stats don't really do his play justice. Instead, let's consider the fact that at one point in the Zips game vs. Detroit, they trailed 22-8. Then Treadwell took over and they wound up winning by 19.

After bursting into the conversation for best in the MAC a season ago, Treadwell is backing up all the hype. What's better is his performances against top talent like Oregon State are probably his best so far, which means with each game Tree is growing hungrier. With just a few weeks until conference play begins, the MAC should take note.

West: Mike Talley, Eastern Michigan

LW: Chris Fowler, Central Michigan

Over 1 game Points Assists FG% FT%
Mike Talley 21 9 37% 80%

This one was tough, especially considering there were so many strong performances across the board in the West this past week. But, Talley's one game was the best. Against a good Oakland team (ignore the record) that dominated Ohio a few weeks ago, Talley led the Eagles to an overtime victory. He dictated the pace of the game and facilitated like a pro accumulating half of the teams assists, while also throwing up 21 points and snagging a pair of steals.

After sitting out 2012-2013 in his transfer from Duquesne, Talley has wasted no time establishing himself as a key part to EMU's lineup. If he can get closer to 30 minutes a game he could really become one of the conferences best point guards this season. He has the ability to draw some attention off of Glenn Bryant and Karrington Ward which in itself makes him a valuable asset.

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