MAC Football Pick'em

MAC Pick'em Results & Important Announcement


Week 1's results are in, with a record number number of entries. Also, there is an important announcement you MUST read.

MAC Pick'em Week 1


With football season finally upon us, the MAC Pick'em returns yet again to bring another fun filled year of picking. This year sees the added team play, along with the usual fun.

Return of the 3rd Annual MAC Pick'em


With football just 1 month away, the annual festivities will return for the 3rd time. One new tweak and just one minor change this season.

MAC Pick'em Final Results


We finally got around to putting together the final football pick'em results. See how you did, if you dare

MAC Pick'em Bowl Edition


It's time for the big finish, and there is still a lot of competition to go

MAC Pick'em: Championship Edition


Get your 10 pt championship pick in!

MAC Pick'em Week 13


Another week, another set of picks to make!

MAC Pick'em Week 12


One team ends their season this week, but we still have at least 10 games after to pick! Get your picks in now for this week!

MAC Pick'em Weeks 9 & 10


It's a bundle week for the Pick'em

MAC Pick'em Week 8 Results


The results are in, and they may shock you.

MAC Pick'em Week 8


We are late, but make your picks!

MAC Pick'em Week 7 Results


Another week in the Pick'em is over. See how everyone did.

Make your picks! MAC Pick'em Week 7


It's time for another weekly dose of your MAC Pick'em

Handing Out MAC Pick'em Awards (Week 6)


We hand out our weekly awards in the Pick'em

Make Your Picks For Week 6


It's week 6 of the Pick'em!

MAC Pick'em Week 5


A highly competitive week in the pick'em results in an overall standing shake-up.

MAC Week 5 Prediction Summary


After a week of compiling the picks, here are the results

MAC Pick'em Week 5


It's Week 5 for the Pick'em, and things are getting heavy. But as we enter MAC play, points start going up and games mean much, much more.

MAC Pick'em Week 4 Results

Ouch. That week hurts. While trying to make up some points, I severely got burned by 4th quarter heroics by Ball State and NIU. Ouch. Also, I'm sorry for not posting this week's pick stats, but...

MAC Pick'em Week 4

Week 4 in the pick'em is underway

MAC Pick'em Week 3 Results

The results of Week 3 in the Pick'Em are in.

MAC Pick'em Week 2

It's the 2nd week of the pick'em. Take your picks!

MAC Pick'em Week 1 Results

The MAC pick'em finished week 1. See how our panel did

2012 MAC Pick'em

The annual MAC Pick'em returns. Check out the few tweaks to the program

MAC Pick'em: Championship Edition


We are almost done folks. Just have to get through this week and bowl season. And while we won't find out our winner (in theory) until January 8th, we are down to the nitty gritty. Ok, let me...

MAC Pick'em Week 11


What a week.  Great week of football overall, even if it was a HORRIBLE week for me personally in the Pick'em (goodbye any sight of 1st place).  Your winner this week, with an outstanding 12...

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