MAC Football Power Rankings

MAC Football Power Rankings: Final Standings


Bowling Green shook up the MAC power dynamic, shooting to the top of the conference and destroying a dynasty in the process.

MAC Football Power Rankings: Championship Week


With the final week of the regular season in the books there's not much movement left in the power rankings. After dismantling Buffalo, how high up can Bowling Green go?

MAC Football Power Rankings: Week 14


Time to revisit the MAC Football power ranking. With 1 week left in the regular season, the final picture is starting to take shape. But with a huge MAC East showdown happening on Friday, the image...

BCS A Yes For MAC Champion?


Wherein we sum things up with one eye towards the past, one towards the future, and stumbling over ourselves from looking at the world cross-eyed.

A Kent Statement: Still On Top


Wherein the bottom gets pushed around, and the third-best is up for the debate, but the top of the heap remains unchanged.

Rankings: Somebody Has To Respect Kent State


The Flashes keep on winning, and wind up getting surpassed in the rankings by teams that didn't even play - including the team they just defeated.

Flash: Kent State Knighted At the Top


Wherein the top is flipped again, and we have some educational moments now that all this non-conference nonsense is done and over with.

MAC Pick'em Week 9


It's time to end October right. . . with some football!

Toledo: Rocketing To The Top

Wherein I throw a wrench into the proceedings - because I can, and because I think it's only fair for you to lose your hold on a position when you've done nothing recently to justify it.

Ohio Bobcats: Smoke and Mirrors?


The Ohio Bobcats stay atop the latest power ranking, since they remain unbeaten, but I'm not convinced they're the best MAC team anymore (throws bone to live Husky mascot to avoid certain death).

MAC Football Power Rankings: Week Five

Wherein we revel in the absolute explosion of offense that was week five, and discuss the worries that have cropped up as a result for some teams.

MAC Power Rankings: Week Four


Well, it's week four in the books now, and the top is still the top, while the bottom is still the bottom. There are... signs of trouble: BG's offense Toledo's pass defense EMU's entire...

MAC Power Rankings: Week 3 - Schott-zee!


Not everyone had a game to show up to this week...and not everyone that had a game to play actually appeared to do so. Either way, I have re-ranked the squads accordingly in this week's MAC Power...

MAC Power Rankings: Week 2


Well hello there fellow MAC fans! Your favorite medical professional and butler extraordinaire had returned to his rightful place providing snarky, judgmental commentary and assessments about you...

MAC Power Rankings: Week 1

You may be able to guess who is ranked first and last in the MAC after one game. But in between, it's a bit of a mess.

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