NIU steamrolls WMU in the 2nd half, wins 48-34

48-34. That was the final score, but the game didn't seem that close in the 2nd half. NIU absolutely dominated the play, and coasted in the 4th quarter.

Jordan Lynch had another oustanding game. 18/28 for 274 yds and 4 TDs with 21 carries for 136 yds and 2 TDs. 6 total TDs. That is just incredible. Martel Moore had 7 catches for 120 yds, and Da'Ron Brown had 4 catches for 31 yds including 2 TDs as well.

Tommylee Lewis had a good game as well. Despite dropping a would be TD early, he finished with some good returns (4/75 yds on punts and 2/52 on KOs), 4 catches, 44 yds, and 2 TDs. His returns really kept WMU playing defense deep in their zone a lot.

Tyler Van Tubbergen had a decent game as well. Despite throwing another INT, it wasn't too much his fault. Josh Schaffer bobbled a catch and Jamaal Bass returned it 44 yds to the WMU 20 (and a Lynch TD the next play). TVT finished with 32/51 for 333 yds and 3 TDs. He also ran 9 times for 39 yds and a TD as well. Progress.

Eric Monette and Dareyon Chance had good games as well. Monette finished with 8 catches for 142 yds and 2 TDs, his 2nd and 3rd career touchdowns. Chance just missed the 100 yd mark with 97 yds on 23 rushes and a TD.

And now for the emotions. I cooled down, but it still must be said.........

Bill Cubit's job rests on the next game. AT CENTRAL MICHIGAN. If he wins, he gets to see next year and can work on saving his job (next year is a contract year). If he loses, I cannot defend him anymore. This season was supposed to be magical. Easier non-conference schedule, NIU and Toledo at home, down years for CMU and EMU. I made a list of 5 goals for the season:

  1. Go 3-1 or 4-0 non-conference (X)
  2. Win the MAC West (X)
  3. Win the MAC (X)
  4. Win a bowl game (X) [if you really think WMU makes a bowl, think again]
  5. Beat CMU & EMU ( )
The last goal still is to be seen. Any two, and Cubit is fine. 3 or more, he is set and off a hot seat. 1, and he has a red-hot seat for next season. 0? Canned. That's all I have to say for now. Pray WMU beats Central or else some VERY strong words will come. For now, my anger builds more and more in hopes that WMU gets over the Mt. Pleasant hump.
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