Phil Steele's Midseason All-MAC Teams

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Halfway through the season, Phil Steele made his midseason All-conference teams. Find out what he had to say about the MAC.

You all know Mr. Steele and his rankings of individual players around the nation, right? Of course you do, lists are always a fan favorite! So I won't really give you much of an intro, let's just dive right into this:


First Team Second Team Third Team
QB Jordan Lynch (NIU) Keith Wenning (BSU) Matt Johnson (BGSU)
RB David Fluellen (UT) Cameron Stingily (NIU) Branden Oliver (UB)
RB Travis Greene (BGSU) Jahwan Edwards (BSU) Saylor Lavalli (CMU)
WR Willie Snead (BSU) Corey Davis (WMU) Tommylee Lewis (NIU)
WR Alex Neutz (UB) Bernard Reedy (UT) Shaun Joplin (BGSU)
WR Titus Davis (CMU) Jordan Williams (BSU) Da'Ron Brown (NIU)
TE Alex Bayer (BGSU) Tyreese Russell (EMU) (WR) Donte Foster (OU)
C Zac Kerin (UT) Chief Kekuewa (BGSU) Nick Beamish (CMU)
OG Dominic Flewellyn (BGSU) Jared Volk (NIU) Alex Huettel (BGSU)
OG Jordan Hansel (BSU) Jasen Carlson (UB) James Kristof (WMU)
OT John Prior (OU) Andre Davis (UB) Anthony Dima (UMass)
OT Tyler Loos (NIU) Greg Mancz (UT) Matthew Page (BSU)

Not that anybody was looking forward to the midseason, but it's a little bit awkward not seeing Dri Archer up there at all. I get that he's been injured for a while, but still. And who would've thought Lavalli would've done well enough this season after Zurlon Tipton went down with his injury in the first game of the season?


First Team Second Team Third Team
DL Jayrone Elliott (UT) Ken Bishop (NIU) Austin Brown (M-OH)
DL Roosevelt Nix (KSU) Ty Branz (OU) Bryan Thomas (BGSU)
DL Nathan Ollie (BSU) Pat O'Connor (EMU) CJ James (AKR)
DL Jonathan Newsome (BSU) Travonte Boles (WMU) (LB) Chase Murdock (UT)
LB Justin Cherocci (CMU) Jamaal Bass (NIU) Kyle Lark (WMU)
LB Junior Sylvestre (UT) Ben Ingle (BSU) Adam Redden (UB)
LB Khalil Mack (UB) Gabe Martin (BGSU) Chris Wade (M-OH)
LB Shamari Benton (CMU) Ben Russell (OU) DJ Lynch (BGSU)
DB Jimmie Ward (NIU) Avery Cunningham (CMU) Malachi Freeman (AKR)
DB Najja Johnson (UB) BooBoo Gates (BGSU) Ronald Zamort (WMU)
DB Dayonne Nunley (M-OH) Brian Jones (BSU) Devin Bass (OU)
DB Luke Wollet (KSU) Dechane Durante (NIU) Mycal Swaim (EMU)

Seems pretty normal with Nix, Newsome, Mack, Ward, Nunley and Wollet in the First Team group, but BooBoo. C'mon, man. You're BooBoo freaking Gates. Don't let this guy bring you down like that.

Special Teams:

First Team Second Team Third Team
K Jeremiah Detmer (UT) Mathew Sims (NIU) Scott Secor (BSU)
P Anthony Melchiori (KSU) Zac Murphy (M-OH) Zach Paul (AKR)
KR Jamill Smith (BSU) Devin Campbell (UB) Bernard Reedy (UT)
PR Ryan Burbrink (BGSU) Travis Carrie (OU) Trey Dudley-Giles (UMass)

So there you have it. Phil Steele's midseason All-MAC teams. Not that they matter, but let's see how things will change once we wrap things up with the second half of the season. For now, let's just take this as MAC football's progress report or something like that.

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