Week 6: Scores and Standings Roundup

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Come see the lack of middle-class in the MAC East and NIU is still the only team ranked, but not leading their division.

School Record Conf. Record
Bowling Green 5-1 3-0
Ohio 4-1 1-0
Buffalo 3-2 1-0
Kent State 2-4 1-2
UMass 0-5 0-1
Miami 0-5 0-1
Akron 1-5 0-2
Ball State 5-1 2-0
Northern Illinois 5-0 1-0
Toledo 3-3 2-1
Central Michigan 2-4 1-1
Eastern Michigan 1-4 0-2
Western Michigan 0-6 0-2

Ball State 48 - Virginia 27

Will somebody wake ESPN up? They forgot to mention how this is like, the biggest upset in ACC history. There's no talent in the MAC! UPSET UPSET #UPSET! #!!!!

#23 Northern Illinois 38 - Kent State 24

A rematch of the 2012-13 MAC Championship game. Same result but, sadly, no overtimes. Fortunately enough for the rest of us, our former head honcho, Matt Sussman, came back to hangout over the weekend. He was even so nice to us, he decided talk about boners! BONERS!

Toledo 47 - Western Michigan 20

The last time the Broncos scored at least 20 points in a game, they lose to Nicholls State. The time before that: they lost to Eastern Michigan. Time before that: lost to Buffalo.

Central Michigan 21 - Miami 9

You lose to Central, you lose your job.

You don't put up points, you lose your job.

You write for Hustle Belt once or twice a week, Bryan please don't fire me.

Buffalo 42 - Eastern Michigan 14

Ron English still has his job because he didn't lose to Central, duh.

Ohio 43 - Akron 3

Akron's back to normal, and boy did they awful. But seriously, 12 penalties for 135 yards? The Zips had more flags thrown against them than they had in completed passes (11). Want to go a little further? They had more penalty yards than they did passing yards (101).

Bowling Green 28 - UMass 7

Are we still playing the "Ugh, if only we knew who our quarterback should be!" card, or should we just come to terms with the fact that we're talking about UMass?

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